Hey! Are you new to e-commerce development? Does after much deliberation you have land to Shopify development and now are looking to accelerate the pace of your online business with its key features and functionalities? Being a novice there are chances that things may go wrong if not focused upon carefully. Though Shopify web development can contribute a significant part in solidifying your online business presence still there are certain common mistakes that should be avoided to stand out amongst your competitors.

Few of them are listed below!

1. Non-Uniform theme color

A Shopify development theme is rich enough to bring an enchanting look to your website but what should be concentrated on is bringing consistency in the look. For instance, all the clickable links can be of the same color. You need to choose wisely the theme that would be the most suitable for your Shopify web development and emphasis more on uniformity and consistency.

2. Ignoring the soft launch of your site

For popularizing your Shopify development store the right strategy would be to give the site a soft launch rather than a grand opening. This would enable you to get relevant feedback and accordingly make necessary changes to avoid pitfalls.

3. Ignoring multiple-payments option

You should set up multiple payment options to provide the clients with the comfortability. By not doing this you would restrict the client and he may just avoid your services because of lack of relevant payment options. Setting up multiple-payment options would not only ensure the confidence of the customers on your store but also increase the rate of conversion.

4. In-efficient check out page

Though the first impression may hold significant importance, the last impression too leaves an indelible impact on the user’s mind. Your check-out page should not look an odd extension of your site. Shopify provides you with limited themes for the check-out page thus it is advisable to yourself try each and decide which one would be the most suitable for your clients. Along with this make sure that the font and style are in consistency with the rest of the website.

5. Ignoring mobile apps

There are several Shopify development companies that have realized the importance of mobile apps for their client’s business. If you are ignoring this very aspect then there are chances that you would lose to attract a handsome amount of clients. Along with effective marketing strategies, you can increase your mobile traffic and engage a huge amount of population. Thus consider launching the mobile application of your business too.

There are certain Shopify development companies who neglect the above vital points as a result of which their clients are not able to fetch the best from their online business. If you are new to this domain you should always keep the above points in your mind and think accordingly so that you can have a good start to initiate a smooth business journey.