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5 PHP Frameworks to build Agile Applications

5 PHP Frameworks to build Agile Applications

Software development can be a tiring and time-consuming process. Taking benefit from a framework can help you efficiently in PHP web development. Many PHP web development services provided by PHP Web Development Companies minimizes the complexity of the development process by selecting best suitable PHP framework for the given business requirements. Using a framework can help you in reusing the generic components to provide fast solutions to render excellent PHP development services. Moreover it also helps in maintenance and scalability of the project. Along with this it ensures that your project complies with the development standards and your application evolve and grow with the time.

Below are 5 PHP frameworks listed which can help you to build efficient agile applications:

1. Laravel

Laravel is used by many PHP web development companies in USA because of its impressive and elegant syntax. Multiple tasks like routing, caching, authentication can be made really simple with Laravel framework. Laravel is built with some components of Symphony which ensures that your code is reliable.Queue while employing Laravel for PHP web development can be used to carry multiple tasks in the background. Eloquent ORM, the routing mechanism, lessens the burden of the developer by itself placing the plugins in the respective folders. The effective tools that Laravel has are drawing the attention of many web development companies towards it for building agile large and enterprise applications.

2. CakePHP

Using Code generation features to rapidly build prototypes helps one to build faster applications. CakePHP is pretty simple as there is no requirement of complex configuration. Just set up your database and you can proceed! Each and every aspect of the application can be rendered easily with CakePHP from handling the client's request to final rendering of the web page.Clean MVC conventions guide you in building web applications. The inbuilt features of CakePHP like tampering, SQL injections, and cross-site scripting make it a secured package. Translation, caching, authentication, validation are all built into the framework. Components like Auth, Session and Helpers like Form can be used for reusing the already written code. Its impressive style and effective in-built features and tools make it one of the favorite choices amongst many PHP development companies.

3. Codelgniter

The best part is that Codelgniter requires no installation. One needs to just copy and paste the framework and it is ready to work on. It is simple, elegant yet powerful toolkit to build agile web applications. It has rich set of libraries along with simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. The base system is both lean and agile. Codelgniter uses the MVC design patterns which help in separating the  code of business logic and view logic which is particularly useful when designers are working on template files.

4. Symphony

If you want to speed up the creation and maintenance for providing brilliant PHP web development services then Symphony is meant for you. With PHPUnit and naming conventions of classes you are not restricted within the symphony environment and can use the software components of your choice. The prefabricated components can be rapidly integrated with your application which allows you to work efficiently on the most complex tasks also. You can use the:

  • Full Stack version: to build a complex application
  • Brick by Brick: to develop your own framework by the functionality of your preference
  • Microframework: as standalone to develop the functionalities according to your needs.

5. Yii

Yii is a secure, fast and professional PHP framework that comes with rich features and tools. It includes multiple widgets that render accumulation from input safe and easy. It includes input validation, output filtering, SQL injections and cross- site scripting prevention for security. Database data can be modeled into objects to get away with writing repetitive SQL statements. There is proper support for writing and running  unit tests and functional tests along with efficient error handling. Yii is designed to work with third-party code and thus you can integrate other frameworks data with your Yii powered application.


PHP web development services have improved significantly with the use of the above frameworks. You can Hire a PHP Web Developer who is well-versed with your preferred framework in order to accelerate the pace of building agile applications. The above frameworks will surely give you the best opportunity to develop complex applications with ease and save your time and efforts to a great extent.

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Ayush Kanodia

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