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9 Finest Practices For Working From Home

9 Finest Practices For Working From Home

All set to work from home? Fortunately, our technology has allowed all of us to think about the concept of working from home.

Well, considering it as a great concept is not wrong!

Nowadays, entrepreneurs or professionals working for MNC who used to traditionally commute to the office every day are adopting the concept of working from home (WFH). Say, for example, Google has started implementing WFH for their employees.

Even companies like WebClues Infotech have taken initiative for their employees. They’ve created “office” at home or even at the nearest cafe which acts as a co-working space. Often you might have heard from people who are working from home that there are many benefits but with these benefits there comes various challenges as well! Because it’s quite difficult to stay focused on your work for the entire day.

Well in such cases, here we have vetted some special tips and tricks/practices of working from home successfully.

Let’s begin!

1. Plan your Day Wisely

When working from a home office, get ready for the day and assume you’re going to work. It sounds a bit crazy but if you are working from home and planning to be productive enough, you need to follow it!

Next is to prepare a to-do list to finish all your work by the end of the day by making a priority tasks list first. If you are successful in maintaining your regular hours of working, it will be easier to manage both the work and social life efficiently.

2. Avoid Social Media to the Most!

These days, people are getting more indulged into cell phones, opening social media accounts now and then, this simply affects your work productivity and can result in fewer working hours.

When working from home-office, avoid unnecessary use of social media accounts, which can damage your productivity. To prevent your social media usage during your working hours, keep your cell phone on silent mode and remove all social networking browser shortcuts and log out from every account. This way you can achieve the goal you’ve decided.

3. Small Breaks are Necessary

Why it is necessary to take small breaks when working from home?

Well, if you give a break time during the day to get away from the computer screen will enable more focus towards the work. Take breaks based on your company’s break time policy to sharpen your axe.

It is very important to free yourself from continuous monotonous work, as work from home is a sedentary profession. Taking a small break enables you to be more productive.

4. Stay Connected to the Technology

Working from home helps you focus to work in the short term but might be missing larger operations happening in the office. In such a case, you can choose from the range of many instant messaging or videoconferencing tools to check in with your colleagues and hence, this way you can feel connected to your organization.

This way you can engage yourself with the organization and can participate in the fun time organized by the company for their employees.

5. Choose your Dedicated Work Space at Home

It is always essential to create a dedicated room or area in your home to work rather than juggling yourself up in your room or on the couch.

Well, working from home needs consistency. Hence, it is important to manage to work at the same spot every day. Your workspace should be well inspiring and focused which helps in delivering your best work. Allocating a workspace where distraction is minimal.

6. Let’s Create a Partition Between Work and Social Life

While working from home you need to have a dedicated space to balance your work and home-life. Sometimes, family and friends think working from home-office means you are always available. But the fact is different!

It is important to restrict your friends and family during your productive work hours. Turning off notification on your cell phone is also a great way to be unavailable in your working hours.

7. Explore your Most Productive Time of the Day

Every person working from home-office is individually productive at different times of the day. Say, for example, people who are early birds are likely to be more productive in the morning, whereas, some people are more productive in the evenings.

This way you also need to prioritize your work so that you can easily identify your most productive time of the day.

8. Say No to Watching TV & Other Digital Distractions

Television and other digital devices are termed to be culprits for wasting more of the working hours. Hence, it is necessary to restrict yourself from watching TV or any other digital distractions while working so you can focus on your work.

But working the entire day is also not the solution! Instead, soothing music to compliment your work pattern can be your friend in your working hours!

9. Avoid Personal Tasks During Work Hours

People who are working from home-office must avoid their personal tasks during working hours because it will be against the company’s ethics!

Doing household chores or meeting friends during your working hours is ethically wrong. Always ensure to stay focused during your office hours and utilize proper time to complete your office work rather than your personal stuff. Personal favors should not be entertained as it is one of the major sources of distraction during working from home.

On a Final Note!
At times, working from home might sound difficult, yet it is all in your hands! Staying focused on work throughout the entire day for consistent productivity should be your key motto. To keep track of your project timelines and activities, Project Management tools are the best solutions. They help you to manage and complete work on time and coordinate the workload more efficiently.

Hence, if you work remotely or WFH, following the above-stated 9 best practices will help you set altogether to start afresh working day from tomorrow. Hope this article has proven useful for people facing problem while working from home!

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Vivek Adatia

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