In order to add more precision and make business operations easy and simply, OpenERP has been embedded with varied modules. This software is extensively used in different business entities across the world. OpenERP apps have been specifically categorized into 6 groups viz; business operations apps, front-end apps, marketing apps, human resources apps, and productivity apps. The source code of this platform can be accessed by anyone due to its open source nature. It will not be wrong to say that OpenERP developers have redefined the concept of business operations in the contemporary world. With a great number of new features and functionalities, OpenERP greatly helps business enterprises streamline their trade operations.

Odoo, also known as OpenERP is highly recognized for its cutting-edge technology. It is possible to constantly modify this platform to keep in tune with the dynamics of the market.

Highly Comprehensive and Modular in Nature
You have the option to use a broad range of functionalities, with over 1000 modules for meeting variegated requirements of your business. It is considered as a complete platform since it comes with countless features and functionalities. Apart from this, OpenERP platform is highly modular. You just need the help of a few basic modules to operate Odoo / OpenERP platform. Later on, you can keep on adding more modules depending on your requirement.

Free of Cost
You can easily download OpenERP for free of cost, and use it effectively. Unlike other ERP platforms, you can obtain an Odoo license for free. It helps you save a good amount of money.

Easy in terms of Integration and Customization
It is an uphill task for a user to handle different ERP systems. You will face a lot of difficulties like lack of standardized business processes and data inconsistency in different systems, to name a few. However, with OpenERP, you can be easily integrated with other ERPs with a view to enhance their efficiency. You require continuous innovation to survive in the midst of today’s competition. OpenERP comes with high flexibility, and you can easily customize it in order to cater to the variegated needs and demands of businesses.