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Know The Cost To Develop An ELearning App And Website Like Coursera

An elearning app like Coursera
An elearning app like Coursera

What Is Coursera?

Founded by Stanford University's computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, Coursera is a worldwide e-learning platform that started in 2012 to provide free online courses, certificates of specializations, and degrees, and promote professional courses.

Business Model Of Coursera

Coursera operates on a freemium business model, where users can access a majority of the course content for free, but must pay a fee to receive a certificate or receive additional course materials, such as graded assignments. Additionally, Coursera offers enterprise solutions for businesses and universities, where they can license Coursera's technology and content to offer their own online courses. The company also generates revenue through partnerships with universities and institutions to offer degrees and certifications, as well as through its job-oriented courses, which provide an in-demand skill certification after completion.

WebClues Academy is a comprehensive, e-learning white-label solution, transforming teacher-student interactions to facilitate upskilling from anywhere in the world. Let's explore how white-label solutions like these fare better than custom-made applications

White Label Solutions (WebClues Academy)

  • Being ready-to-market solutions, they are reasonably cost-effective.
  • Provide a quicker route to market. Ready to launch within four to eight weeks.
  • The Chances of under-delivery are significantly lower as they are tried and tested.
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132CostTimeRisk Factor

Custom Software Development

  • Require a larger investment as each element is developed from scratch.
  • Depending on functionalities and features, the development phase can last up to several months.
  • Often delivers less value than predicted and hence risk factor is relatively higher.
Custom Development Timeline

Paid Certificates

Coursera has made a mark in the E-Learning Industry by offering students with desired courses. So, in 2013, Coursera introduced "Signature Track" for students who want to earn certificates of a particular course from the prestigious E-Learning Platform. Students have to pay a per-course fee to participate in the "Signature Track. These paid certifications are the bedrock of Coursera's business with Specialized and degree programs following the same protocol.


Monthly/Annual Subscriptions

Coursera started its subscription feature in the year 2016. Under this, it provides monthly and annual subscriptions for specialization and degree programs. It is a new payment model that allows users to purchase access to all content on a month-by-month or annual basis, Students can now also opt for a week's trial, and post this trial period, the fee will automatically get deducted from the user's account.


Affiliate Programs

Platforms both new and old in the market can earn good revenue through affiliate marketing. Coursera as an E-Learning Platform also utilizes affiliate marketing and programs for generating revenue. Its courses have a list of recommendations for different books and journals launched on different websites like Flipkart, Amazon for students to buy through a particular website.


Corporate E-Learning

A new culture is practiced by multinational companies for training their employees by collaborating with specific e-learning platforms. Coursera also has the same protocol of associating with different companies so that it can boost up its business by teaching employees of a particular organization. Until now, more than 500 companies have collaborated with Coursera for this initiative.



Apart from companies, Coursera also has affiliations with different government, non-profitable organisations (NPOs) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Donations from such organisations help Coursera in uplifting its business model to a greater extent.

Achieve Your Goals With Coursera

With a vast array of courses spanning across multiple disciplines, Coursera provides a comprehensive learning experience that helps individuals gain the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their field. Whether you're looking to develop new skills, advance in your current role, or transition into a new career, Coursera offers the flexibility and versatility to help you achieve your goals.

An elearning app like Coursera

Learn The Best Skills

Empower yourself with knowledge from the world's top experts. Coursera is the perfect place to acquire the best skills for your future.

An elearning app like Coursera

Get a Career Roadmap

Take control of your career journey with Coursera's career roadmap. Discover new opportunities, set goals, and achieve professional success.

An elearning app like Coursera

Earning Certificates And Degrees

Unlock new doors to your future with Coursera's certificates and degrees. Enhance your resume and stand out from the crowd.

An elearning app like Coursera

Uplifting Your Organization

Elevate your organization to new heights with Coursera's professional development courses. Empower your team to succeed and drive innovation.

Competitors Landscape

Let's examine the business models of the top-notch e-learning platforms:

 Number of CoursesPrice PlanCategoriesBachelor's and Master'sWho Contributes
An elearning app like Coursera5500+$29-99$ (individual courses) $39-$79/month (special programs) $15-$25000 (degrees)AllYesUniversities and companies
An elearning app like Coursera100000+$10-$199AllYesUniversities and Professionals
An elearning app like Coursera2500+$50-$300AllNano degrees for bothUniversities
An elearning app like Coursera200+$399/month (for paid courses)AnyMicro Bachelor and Full Master’s degreeUniversities
An elearning app like Coursera22000+$15/per month $8.25/annual (whole year upfront)AnyNoWorking Professionals and Experts

After analyzing all the necessary points revolving around Coursera and its position as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), you can now figure out the essential factors which influence the cost of developing such an app or website. Now let's focus on the six crucial points which are responsible for uplifting the business of Coursera.

Six Pillars Of Coursera's Revenue Model

An elearning app like Coursera

Free Courses

An elearning app like Coursera

Online Degrees

An elearning app like Coursera


An elearning app like Coursera

Corporate Training

An elearning app like Coursera


An elearning app like Coursera

Specialised Courses

An elearning app like Coursera
Paid Certifications

A major population of students and professionals want course Certifications from prestigious E-Learning platforms. The cost of these certifications is comparatively very less than the college's summer course certifications. Thus, students are attracted towards these cheap but valuable certifications.

An elearning app like Coursera

Subscription feature helps the E-Learning Company in generating major revenue by making students enroll in the specific courses through a free trial and then charging fees to continue with the course if the student is interested. Subscriptions are generally charged on a monthly/annual basis.

An elearning app like Coursera

Marketing is an evergreen method of generating more income. E-learning platforms can collaborate with different websites for affiliate marketing. The platform can contain links of recommended books for a particular course and the users can go to that particular website via the link and buy those books.

An elearning app like Coursera
Corporate learning

This feature is available for organizations who want to train their employees in any particular technology for the benefit of the organization in terms of work and professionalism. The pricing is distinguished depending upon the company, the strength of employees to be trained on a group basis, and the technology to be taught.

Features Of Coursera

Every eLearning platform is unique in its own. But there are some must have features that play an important role in building an online learning platform. Coursera provides a list of features for students and professionals for easy learning.

Quality Content

Content is available in audios, videos, and different file formats for a detailed explanation of any particular topic.

Course Page

Provide users with general information about courses, their syllabus, reviews, and enrollment options.

Discussion Forums

For discussing any particular topic on the website.


For formative assessment, students can quickly check their own knowledge about what they've learned so far.


For practising topics learnt throughout the course.

Support Student Group

Engaging with students on social media through Facebook, etc.

Peer Assessments

Assigning assessments to groups as an exercise.

Degrees And Specialization

Transforming students into professionals with degrees and special courses.


Online Certificates for students on their desired courses for validation.

Essential Features Required For Elearning Platform

An elearning app like Coursera
Search, Recommendation, and Categorization of Courses
An elearning app like Coursera
An elearning app like Coursera
Personal Profile
An elearning app like Coursera
Creation Of Courses
An elearning app like Coursera
Course Dashboard
An elearning app like Coursera
Enrollment Page
An elearning app like Coursera
Online Course Catalogs
An elearning app like Coursera
Efficient Payment Process
An elearning app like Coursera
Emails And Push Up Notifications
An elearning app like Coursera
Admin Dashboard
An elearning app like Coursera
An elearning app like Coursera
Strong Reporting With Customization

Coursera Mobile App

Apart from the Website, Coursera has launched its Mobile App customized with all necessary features so that the students can access and upgrade their skills from the courses at any point of time. Technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality have been embedded inside the app to promote superior user interface and experience for anyone who wants to make a career in his/her desired field.

An elearning app like Coursera

Coursera Plus

Coursera Plus is a premium feature of Coursera which allows the user to access the majority of Coursera courses by paying an annual subscription. It's $399 for the year and gives members' unlimited access to over 90% of the platform's course catalog including specializations and professional certificates.

An elearning app like Coursera
Enroll in any Course

Explore any interest or trending topic to advance your skills and become professional in the desired domain.

An elearning app like Coursera
Save money

Coursera provides affordable learning programs taught by top instructors from leading universities and companies.

An elearning app like Coursera
Flexible Learning

Learn at your own pace and move between multiple courses, or switch to a different course on your schedule timing.

An elearning app like Coursera
Unlimited Certificates

Earn a certificate for every learning program that you complete at no additional cost.

Webclues - CMMI Level 5

We are a CMMI level 5 certified company

Our innovative process, technological improvements, and relentless commitment to delivering the finest quality of services to our clients have made us earn this authoritative certification.


The 3 Main Panels For Any Efficient ELearning Website/App

In order to be known as a professional Elearning Website/App, your Software Development Company should make sure that your product has the 3 pillars of modules in order to be called a complete package.

An elearning app like Coursera
User Panel

The user panel of an ELearning Website/App should contain information regarding all the offers and features provided by the company for all students and professionals. Representation of elements like Search Bar, list of Recommended Courses, and display of Professional Degrees and Certifications should be mandatory. It should highlight the trusted corporate companies and universities in collaboration with the company so that it instills a sense of loyalty and stature among the users for the organization.

The Panel should display the experiences of old users so that it promotes more connectivity and trust among the new users. Trending offers and the Advantages on the Courses should be addressed in an interactive way.

Tutor Panel

The tutor panel of an ELearning Website/App should specially be designed and customized in such a way that it targets all the potential candidates who want to be tutors and want to seek information regarding the tutor domain of the company. The module should display a list of certified courses and specialization programs for which a tutor can opt for when it comes to teaching a specific technology. It should contain the Tutor profile where every tutor can log in and select the number of courses he/she wants to teach to students with prior salary or income.

An elearning app like Coursera
An elearning app like Coursera
Admin Panel

For an Elearning Platform, the Admin Panel should be designed in such a manner that it can be accessed and used exclusively by the founding organization and its higher officials. This module should contain a dashboard comprising the list of courses and the statistics and details regarding the payments, completion and demands of those courses. A proper list of instructors containing their qualifications, skill sets and experience, detailed explanation of the syllabus, reviews and ratings, etc. are some of the mandatory features to be listed in the Admin Module.

Other Players In The Same Category

In the Online Education Industry, a lot of ELearning platforms have tried to excel in this race with their unique features and quality services.

An elearning app like Coursera
Khan Academy

An American Company working as a non-profitable organization in order to provide online tools to teach students.

An elearning app like Coursera

Founded in 2012, it works as a profitable community and provides courses on Computer Science, Physics, etc.

An elearning app like Coursera

Online tutoring Indian firm providing academic courses for students from 5th - 12th and catering courses for competitive exams.

An elearning app like Coursera

American online learning platform with 50+ million students and 50,000+ teachers having technical courses in more than 60 languages.

An elearning app like Coursera

Online educational platform providing university level courses and created by premium American Institutes, Harvard and MIT.

An elearning app like Coursera

Indian Education Company focusing on students from KG-12th by providing academic courses for all round development.


Timeline To Build An App Like Coursera

The time duration for building such an Elearning app or website starts with the primary development to the day of launching the application or website, followed by maintaining and upgrading the app. In order to give you a rough idea about the time duration of development and the estimated cost behind the development, we've got you the detailed information below.

LoginLogin with Email and PasswordLogin activity with validation8
Forgot PasswordForgot Password
Reset Password
Grade ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/SearchListing
Grade Listing (Active/Inactive)
Enter the grade name, Grade wise term end dates,subscription amount for each grade
Subject ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/SearchListing
Subject Listing
enter the subject name and upload an image for a subject
Chapter ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/SearchListing
Chapter listing, active & inactive chapter,review chapter topics
select the grade and subject for which they want to add chapter name & color
Topic managementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/SearchListing
Chapter wise topic listing, active & inactive topic,view topic's content
all topic for each chapter
delete all the relevant data
Content managementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/SearchTopic wise content listing, active & inactive content ,view content80
Add New content
Add content for each topic
Edit content
Delete content
Test ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/SearchQuestions listing, active & inactive questions80
Add New Questions
And question, question type, explanation, etc.
Edit Questions
Delete Questions
Student ManagementEdit/Delete/List/SearchStudent Listing,active/inactive student, view student details18
Edit student
Delete student
Parent ManagementEdit/Delete/List/SearchParent Listing,active/inactive parent, view parent details18
Edit Parent
Delete Parent
Contest ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/SearchContest Listing,active & inactive contest,view contest's questions,View results45
Add New Contest
ad contest title,image or video start/end datetime,Grade, subject, covered Chapters,eligibility etc.
Edit contest
Delete contest
Contest Question ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/SearchContest Question Listing32
Add New Contest Questions
add mcq questions, answers etc.
Edit contest questions
Delete contest questions
Payments ManagementList/ViewListing all user payment details32
Contact Us ManagementList/Viewlisting of the messages received from the user12
show the name of User/ parent, contact number and message received from the user
CMS ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/SearchCMS Listing20
Add New CMS
add title,code,page etc.
Edit CMS
Delete CMS
ReportWill decide while development phase32
Site SettingsEditEdit site setting18
Student Application - Android/iOS
SignupRegister with mobile number40
Create profileEnter profile details
Verify Mobile numberEnter profile details
Select GradeEnter profile details
LoginLogin with Mobile number verification16
Forgot password
My ProfileView/ Edit ProfileEdit profile information40
Parent connectConnect to parent app Generate OTP
Invite friendInvite friends
Get free trial to courses
Buy coursesPurchase package
Home screenView Subjects32
Bottom Menu
Subject Detail ScreenChaptersView chapter wise score and progress bar120
TopicsView Topic wise score and progress bar
View all content in a topic
TestsTake test
View results & correct answers
Re Attempt the test
QuestionsType of questions are MCQs & comprehension type
QuizzoPlay quiz with friend"View friends
Select subject
Select friend
send invitation
Play quiz
Win trophy
Play quiz with AloneSelect subject Play Quiz
ScoreView score of opponent
Winner will get 1 trophy
Each question will be for 15 sec.
max. 10 question for quiz
ContestUpcoming contestTime based Chapter wise contest
Show instructions
Live contestShow result
Show correct answers
Check eligibility
Appear in contest
Previous contestView results
Practise contest
View correct answers
PaymentOnline Payment for particular GradeStudent will have access to Grade content for that academic year40
Free trial period
ChatsCreate friendsSend/ Accept friend request
Unfriend option
Search new friends
ChatTextual chat
View profile information
Search friends
Push notification32
Contact us4
Tutor Application - Android/iOS
Sign upRegister with mobile number16
LoginLogin with Mobile number10
Forgot password
Connect studentConnect Multiple student
Switch student to view report
NotificationsStudent's activity notification32
ProfileChange password6
View student profile28
Student reportChaptersView Student
report Scores & time spent
Push Notification24
Contact us4
Business Analyst80
Database Design40
Application Design120
Web service350
Project Management150
Quality Assurance260
Server Setup and Configuration40
Total Estimated Hours

Technology Stack

Our team at WebClues Infotech consists of highly skilled professionals who use the following list of main tools and technologies for development:

For Android

An elearning app like Coursera

For Back-end

An elearning app like Coursera

For iOS

An elearning app like Coursera

Apps Built By WebClues Infotech

WebClues Infotech has established a remarkable reputation in the software development field by developing top-notch commercial apps that are both efficient and professional. With a focus on delivering quality and value, we have earned the trust of businesses around the world. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every project we undertake, and our clients can expect nothing but the best from our team.

An elearning app like Coursera
An elearning app like Coursera

Eduplay Cloud

We are an interactive, fun based knowledge development platform, where you can monitor your child's progress. We help your child grow & learn while having fun, playing.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Listen to our premium clients and have a look at what they say about their experiences with us and our services.


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Which Industries Are Benefiting From Online Apps?

A lot of industries are receiving online success in their business because of the valuable contribution by online mobile apps.


Because of the rise in health issues among the common sections of the Society, Healthcare apps containing information and tips related to health, fitness and lifestyle have been introduced in abundance. Users can also order medicines, reports and book appointments online in just one click.

Food Delivery

All thanks to the online mobile apps, the users now can order their favourite food from their favourite restaurants anytime and receive it at their door-step, thus helping the restaurants by providing quality experiences of customers with an increase in the revenue.


People are getting attracted towards entertaining apps with cool features. You can now book movie tickets and watch your all-time favourite movies online from your mobile and laptop by sitting at your home. Gaming industry too is benefiting from this revolution.


Now people can order anything they like online and it will be delivered to them within the promised time. It has helped all the retailers and shopkeepers to expand their business and generate more revenue for their business models.

Personal Care

Whether it's your marriage ceremony or the interior designing of your house, you can get professional support with the personal care apps so that you experience the best quality of work done on whatever you want to with utmost finesse.


A lot of users now prefer booking cabs or getting rental vehicles online for travelling to their destinations at affordable charges. Trending offers and discounts on these travel apps have amplified their usage. These choices are gradually promoting the success of the transportation industry.


The total cost behind the development depends upon several factors including features, functionality, designing, and many other requirements. At WebClues, we make sure that our experts work passionately in order to provide you the perfect solution within an affordable range for investment.

WebClues Infotech believes in customer satisfaction. Our team will be associated with you post your app launch and will take full responsibility for its maintenance and modification.

Yes, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) can definitely help in enhancing an e-learning app idea. AR and VR technology can provide a more engaging and interactive learning experience for users. AR can be used to display additional information and interactive elements over real-world objects, while VR can provide a fully immersive experience that simulates a real or imagined environment. This can be particularly useful in fields such as education, training, and simulations, as it can help users better understand and retain information.

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