Squarespace is a handy website publishing platform hosting more than 1,800,000 websites all over the world. It features everything you need to build and publish a website: a drag-and-drop website builder, blogging platform, CMS and hosting service – all in one application.

Squarespace differs from its peers as a highly intuitive user interface and top notch design templates, which make your website look professional and visually appealing without spending a decent amount of money.

Whether you are building a website from scratch or using Squarespace, feedback plays a large role in the web development process and the collaboration itself.To provide quality feedback we usually need to take dozens of steps: make a screenshot, highlight a bug, send an email etc., just that a responsible person could better understand the underlying problem with a reported issue and act on it straight off.

We strive to make collaboration on web projects as simple and efficient as possible by simplifying the way people provide and get feedback.The toolbar helps to highlight areas you aren’t happy with, leave feedback, assign people and much more right on live website and image files.

It automatically captures all relevant information, including a comment, screenshot and technical details of reporter’s software, and creates a task.The bottom line is that it eliminates the manual work mentioned previously and converts feedback on a website into an actionable task in a flash.

Furthermore,integration with 17 major project management and collaboration tools, such as Basecamp, Trello and Slack. As a result, you can get feedback with all details directly to your favorite project management tool in real time.