How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like Airbnb?


What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an online marketplace that allows people to rent out their homes, apartments, or rooms to travelers looking for a place to stay. Hosts can list their property, set their own prices, and communicate with guests through the platform. Guests can browse listings, book their stay, and leave reviews. The platform has revolutionized the travel industry by offering unique and affordable accommodations all over the world.

Airbnb's Market Statistics

Airbnb is revolutionizing the way people travel and experience the world, with over 4 million listings globally. As the company expands to encompass the entire travel industry, its focus is on developing new products and enhancing its platform to offer personalized experiences to its customers.

Additionally, Airbnb prioritizes sustainability and community-driven tourism as part of its future growth strategy. Stay informed about the latest market statistics for Airbnb with our comprehensive section.

  • By the end of this decade, it is expected that Airbnb will achieve an annual revenue of$20 billion.
  • Active Airbnb listings can be found in a minimum of 100,000 cities .
  • Over 150 million individuals have utilized Airbnb to reserve vacation accommodations or experiences.
  • Airbnb has a presence in more than 220 countries and territories, with available listings.
  • Millennials constitute approximately 60% of Airbnb's user demographic.

The following graph maps Airbnb's business growth over its market timeline:


Guest User Features Required in an app like Airbnb

Initially, Airbnb offered a simple platform for finding affordable guest rooms when high-end hotel suites were not available. However, as it evolved, it introduced key features for guests to prioritize comfort and convenience. To offer an optimal user experience, guest users require various essential features in an app like Airbnb. From easy booking to secure payment options, we've got you covered.




Registration and Log-in

Guest users can register themselves using their contact information for profile verification. The app should be able to maintain active user sessions once the user registers and logs-in.



Search function

Search function in Airbnb app allows users to easily filter and find properties based on their preferred location, dates, price range, and other amenities.



Availability lists

Guest users view the listings available for reservation in this panel. These listings are made available based on custom searches or personalized feeds that the guest user has set up.



Listing details

Guest users should have the ability to view each listing, to get information on services, charges, promotional photos, and feedback from other users.



Payment and Account settings

The payment section encapsulates the guest users payment information and preferred payment method. The account settings allow them to control account status, passwords, etc.

Admin Features Required in an app like Airbnb

Even an MVP On-demand lodging marketplace app needs Admin features to moderate the user activity espoused by the two consumer categories- hosts and guests. The Admin user account should act as a functional hub that helps supervise a good service experience for the customers. Hence, Admin users should pack features, such as:



The dashboard encapsulates all guest and user-related activity and details that concern the admin' s role. It carries notifications for processes that require urgent attention.


User management

Admins supervise your marketplace to ensure a professional and positive experience for all users. They should be able to remove or ban users for violating terms & conditions.


Manage Amenities

Admin can add, update, and delete amenities available under different properties listed on the platform.


Reservations management

The feature provides the liberty to check all the previous and new bookings. There' s also an update on the current status of each reservation. These can also be edited, updated, or deleted.


Payments, promotions & offers

It allows admin to supervise payment-related activities, share promotional content as a part of marketing with the help of newsletters and blogs, and discount offers.


Reports & Analytics

This feature provides insights into host and guest behavior, occupancy rates, and earnings, allowing hosts to make informed decisions about their listings and pricing strategy.


Host User Features Required in an app like Airbnb

Airbnb's innovative business model has revolutionized the hospitality industry by enabling property owners to host their spaces for various lodging purposes. Starting as a P2P marketplace for bed-and-breakfast owners, it has expanded into a multi-category, travel-stay booking service. Airbnb offers features that cater to various tiers of lodging establishments, including hosts. These features enable hosts to manage their listings, communicate with guests, and receive payments seamlessly.



Registration and Log-in

Host users register and log-in after verification just as the guest users. After log-in they can list their property, populate its description with details, and begin customer engagement.



Inventory/ Showcase management

After listing their property, hosts should be able to manage the showcase with more search-engine optimized service descriptions, photos, promotional offers, etc.



Push Notifications

The host will receive an immediate message as soon as the traveler requests a stay. This is in pertaining to hosts of unchecked demands, reservation updates, and approves.



Reservations management

Hosts supervise their property rental availability from this panel. Reservation management allows you to create, edit, update, and delete reservations for your listed property.



Transaction management

This panel houses all the details pertaining to your financial billing. Detailed digital invoices are maintained here to log your customer engagement history and respective billing process.



Account settings

Account settings allow host users to maintain their account and service availability status, privacy, and security, etc. Hosts can also avail service support from here just as other users.


Revenue Model: How to generate money with an app like Airbnb?

Airbnb has rapidly scaled in its decade and half of existence. It has served as a vital platform for various scales of lodging businesses; and, has also served guest users in search of travel lodging. It has further diversified its services by catering to micro industries for personal/group/family vacations, as well as for business tourism. As a self-proclaimed ‘homestay network’, Airbnb' s digital service model has generated revenue with:


Guest Booking fee

The service provider charges a percentage of the booking fee the guest is liable to pay the host, for facilitating the platform.


Revenue from Hosts

The host is charged a revenue percentage of their earnings from every successful reservation order transacted on the platform.

Who are the probable competitors?

Airbnb's success has inspired many brands to launch their own On-demand lodging reservation services. These brands have innovated their service model with unique selling points to differentiate themselves. However, competition from established brands in this sector is intense. If you're planning to launch your own service brand, you must be prepared to compete with the likes of:



HomeAway is touted as a direct rival to Airbnb themselves. The brand made a name for itself in the vacationstay rental businesses with its assorted showcase of lodging facilities. Guests can reserve anything from cabins to farmhouses and bedroom studios. HomeAway inspired its competitors to meander from the traditional bed and breakfast model and definition and diversify inventory. HomeAway was founded in 2008 and generated nearly half a billion in revenue in the next half decade.



Trivago has made a name for itself in the On-demand lodging services industry with its variegated showcase. It lists diverse lodging facilities with bespoke configurations aligned with the host reservation parameters. This allows for a more personalized, guest-centric lodging reservation service. Trivago was founded in 2005; doubled its profitability between 2008 to 2012, and reached nearly a billion in revenue, as of 2019.



Flipkey is a subsidiary of On-demand travel booking giant, TripAdvisor. It started by doubling up as a companion service to those in search of vacationstays after successful travel bookings on TripAdvisor. Now it commands a large customer-base, also as a standalone On-demand vacation lodging reservations service. Flipkey has amassed a large vacation listing database and dedicated customer base thanks to TripAdvisor' s marketing as a step-stone.

Advanced features required to build an app like Airbnb

To create a truly competitive On-demand vacation stay reservation application that can scale rapidly and stand up against established brands, you'll need to go beyond the bare necessities listed for a functional, Minimum Viable Prototype. You should leverage advanced application features that enhance user experience and increase efficiency. These features may include:

GPS-powered Maps

GPS-powered maps are a crucial component of any application that aims to provide a user-centric experience. By accurately pinpointing your services on digital maps, you can help both hosts and guests. Hosts can use GPS integration to provide a genuine physical address, while guests can refer to integrated maps to navigate to the site. Offering GPS-powered maps ensures that your users have a seamless experience and helps to establish trust and credibility for your brand.

Social Media integration

Social media integration is an essential component of digital marketing. With Web 2.0, users can easily share their service experiences, providing valuable digital word-of-mouth advertising for your brand. By integrating social media into your marketing strategy, you can increase your brand's organic reach, promote your products and services, and offer tailored customer service that focuses on user needs.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is essential for any entrepreneur looking to rapidly scale their brand's growth. By using cloud-based database storage and servers, your app service can be fast, omnipresent, and highly accessible. With cloud computing, you can reduce hardware and software overhead and decentralize your application DevOps. This means you can opt for a pay-as-you-go model for operational resources and accelerate CI/CD for daily service operations. Embracing cloud computing technology is the way forward for businesses looking to remain competitive in today's digital landscape.

Support for Multiple Languages and Currencies

Providing multi-language and currency support is becoming increasingly important for businesses operating on a global scale. By offering support for multiple languages, you can make it easier for users from different geographies to use your services in their native language, which can lead to improved user experiences and increased customer loyalty. Additionally, providing support for multiple currencies can ensure that your users are able to account for accurate transactional breakdowns, regardless of their location. By prioritizing these features, businesses can improve their competitiveness in today's global marketplace.

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How much does it cost to build an app like Airbnb?

Based on the basic technological features required for an MVP version of an app like Airbnb, the subsequent technological stack requirements, we can estimate the cost of development in the ballpark of 50,000 USD to 65,500 USD. Please note that the nature of engagement opted by the client plays a large role in the hours that will go into building a bespoke On-demand vacation lodging service.

This approximate estimation also excludes any additional features you may ask to incorporate in your application logic. The bigger the list of additional features- the higher the cost of development. Entrepreneurs must also register the fact that the platform(s) they wish to target also have a say in the cost. If you wish to target multiple platforms then you can cut overhead with frameworks that support cross-platform application development. Alternatively, choosing to use native development stacks for launching different versions of your app on individual platforms will drive up costs.

WebClues Infotech's developers have a strong background in developing On-demand services. We have undertaken successful requirements for businesses of various scales. We can offer requirement-specific advisory and software engineering implementation based on your budget and business objective. Our portfolio boasts of successful On-demand vacation reservation marketplace applications we have launched for our esteemed clients.


Timeline to build an app like Airbnb

We provide a detailed breakdown of the timeline required to develop an Airbnb-like application, as well as a rough estimate of the costs involved in creating an MVP version of an on-demand vacation rental marketplace service. By outlining these details, we can help businesses better understand the development process and make informed decisions about their project.

DeliverablesDescriptionEstimated Hours
Framework setup and configurationSetup and Configure Framework with Version Control32  
Database design 60  
API For Mobile 200  
Backend Web  
Login 4  
Landlord Management 24  
Users Management 24  
Accommodation & Facility Management & Filter Management 80  
CMS Management 8  
Discount Management 8  
Email Templates Management 8  
Manage Notifications 12  
DashboardNo of User, No of Landlord, in graphical representation16  
Settings ManagementSite Information, App Configuration & Information, Google Map API32  
Manage LanguageEnglish, Portugues, Spanish24  
Manage Support 14  
Frontend - Mobile App User/Traveller WebAndroidiOS
Splash Screen/Home PageSplash screen for mobile home page for web2022
Sign UpSocial media (Facebook, Google) or Email161414
LoginNormal Login & Social media(Facebook, Google)403232
Forgot PasswordForgot password444
VerificationVerify email with otp444
Reset PasswordChange password444
Search- advanced search system
- Users should have an opportunity to set dates of their trip and select the number of guests
- After setting the date, users should see a list of suitable apartments/workspace with all the details like photos, descriptions, comments, and more.
- Users need to select the appropriate accommodation, check it's availability, and send the booking request
FavoritesUsers to add places they like to the list. After that, they can find these accommodations faster121414
ChatsAfter requesting a stay, the guest and Landlord can start a conversation to discuss all the details. It' s common to provide opportunities to send a photo or video. Additionally, developers can add various statuses like typing, read, etc.180160160
ProfileEdit their profile and add required personal data like full name, age, sex, and so on322424
PaymentsIt' s good to offer users various payment methods to make this process easy and secure. Also, there should be opportunities to add and remove credit cards
- Credit Card
- Debit Card
FacilityUser can check the Facility that is been provided by the landlord.161212
DiscountUser can see the discount that the landlord is providing per day , per week, per year etc.101212
OrderThe users choose the flat or house to stay in and can book it if the accommodation is available on the selected dates.646060
NotificationsNotification to get the status of booking888
Contact US- Contact us form submission888
View CMS Pages- About us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Condition666
Frontend - Landlords Mobile WebiOSAndroid
Sign UpNormal Signup and uploading document121212
LoginNormal Login444
Forgot PasswordForgot Password444
Verification- Verify email with otp
- Admin will also verify
Reset PasswordReset Password444
Manage Advertisements- create an ad about accommodation
- set the apartment type/workspace, the number of guests, and more
- uploading photos and videos and setting the price per hour, Per Space Permissions for Co Hosting.
Facility SettingsLandlord can add the facility that the space is having or the landlord is giving161212
Discount SettingsLandlords can provide the discount per day, week, month, year, etc.101212
Manage Requests- List of all request done by user or traveller
- Accept/Decline
Manage GPS SettingClients can look through the location where they want to stay in to find apartments, exciting sights, cafes, etc. 2020
NotificationsNotification to get the new order and delivery status241616
Contact US/Support- Contact us form submission121212
View CMS Pages- About us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Condition666
Layout DesignApp & Web Design 120 
Design IntegrationPSD/SKETCH to APP Design Slicing & HTML 180 
QA  300 
PM  200 
BA  80 
 Total Estimated Hours 4102 

Technology Stack

The following is the technological stack opted and recommended by our expert application developers for developing an app like Airbnb:

For Android


For Back-end


For iOS

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Which Industries are Benefiting from Online apps?

WebClues leads a multidisciplinary team of software development experts. We undertake bespoken end-to-end development requirements from business enterprises belonging to diversified domains. Our esteemed clientele has acquired our Progressive Web Application development services for:


On-demand healthcare services to deliver medicinal aid to patients. These telemedicine services have helped patients avail critical medical consultations that have had life-saving ramifications. Businesses can rely on online applications for On-demand pharmaceutical product marketplaces that deliver medicines to patients.


Food and beverage services can deliver services beyond the customer' s doorstep with online service apps. On-demand food delivery digitizes a necessity in our lives, making it easier to consume quality food without having to leave our house. Thanks to Progressive Web Applications restaurants and dine-out services can help their products reach the customer' s dining table.


Online entertainment apps have revolutionized digital entertainment in more ways than one. These days personalized OTT web programming is a more viable channel for consumer reach in the entertainment industry. The business model has emerged to be so profitable that its rival theaters and convincing production houses have launched products on digital entertainment platforms with established viewership numbers.


Gone are the days when we had to take the onus for packaging and postal delivery for any item we wished to deliver to another location. Online application services that provide On-demand delivery services are refining quality-driven packaging and delivery services. Users can have their parcel picked up, parceled, and delivered with quality assurance regardless of whether it is fragile, valuable, or otherwise.

Personal Care

In these fast times, few have the luxury to visit specialists for personal care and wellness. But, what if the service made itself available to customers On-demand? On-demand fitness, wellness, and personal care app services are taking the application market by storm. These applications witness millions in downloads as more and more workaholic, fast-food-loving generation users are becoming health-conscious in the process.


If you are worried that your whistle is not loud enough to hail a cab, then do not bother; your phone can hail a cab ‘better’! On-demand transportation services are a huge revenue generator. They provide users multiple transport options suitable to the nature of their journey; offer secure cab service availability; facilitate digital payment along with promotional offers to boot.


Looking for answers to common questions? Check out our FAQs section for quick solutions. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us.

The development timeline for an Airbnb-like app can vary depending on the complexity of the features, platform, and design requirements. On average, it can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to develop a fully functional MVP version of the app. However, it’s important to note that the timeline can be affected by various factors such as customization needs, testing, and deployment requirements.

Yes, we offer ongoing maintenance and support services for the apps we develop. We understand that launching an app is just the beginning, and ongoing maintenance and support are essential for the app’s success. Our team is available 24/7 to provide support and resolve any issues that may arise, ensuring that your app stays up-to-date, secure, and performing at its best. We offer flexible maintenance and support plans to fit your needs and budget.

The cost of hiring developers from Webclues for an Airbnb-like app depends on several factors such as the complexity of the app, the features and functionalities required, the platform(s) it will be developed on, and the timeline for development. However, we offer competitive pricing packages and can provide a detailed cost estimate after discussing the project requirements.

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