eGranary is a pioneer in collective “protection plans or warranty” market. It offers an online platform to allow customers to form their own collective protection groups, resulting in lowering their future annual prices. Unlike our competitors, eGranary takes only management/transaction fees. eGranary returns the majority of the profit to the customers with transparency. This assures our customers will have one of the most cost effective “protection plans”.


Get instant and accurate location of your device at any point of time

Different plans to choose for your phone

Smooth and streamlined claim process with status updates

Attractive and detailed referral program to attract more customers onboard

Get Individual & Group Discount base on your group size

eGranary Website Features
eGranary Website Challenges

Complex logic for computing the credits for individual, group, referral and profit sharing

Requirement changes on different levels of development based on suggestion and feasibility to make it more user friendly

Ping option to get device location instantly and accurately for Android and iPhone devices

Protection plan, Warranty, claim and vendor flow was critical and required many status to be maintained


Data for different credit computation was managed at Dashboard and was verified with all possible scenarios

Development was handled in such a way to have scope for any major changes and database was also designed accordingly

R&D was involved as the ping functionality worked differently for Android and iPhone

Checkpoints were established so as to ensure that all the status were maintained properly at all levels and in sync with application

eGranary Website Solutions