A Bitcoin wallet is a digital wallet that enables the users to securely send, receive and store Bitcoins.

Bitcoin wallets are more secure then mobile wallets as you can always create a backup of your 12-24 word seed phrase (wallet address) shown to you when you install the wallet and access the balance as well as transaction history even if your mobile phone gets stolen.
Sensor Tower analyses the rise in the installation of top 10 Bitcoin wallets apps with the average price of a Bitcoin. They found that the download of the most popular Bitcoin Wallet Apps has seen more than 11.8million only in last year alone. 

Some of the best Bitcoin Wallet Applications are as follows

  • 1. Coinbase
  • 2. Blockchain-Bitcoin Wallet
  • 3. Bitcoin Wallet
  • 4. Zebpay
  • 5. Airbitz

As the usage of Bitcoin Wallet Apps is increasing, you should keep in mind below mention key features while developing your Bitcoin Wallet Application.

  • Simple account creation using log-in and password
  • Allow user to buy and sell the Bitcoins easily
  • Send Bitcoins to other users and receive cryptocurrency from them
  • Check the current balance and transaction history
  • Push notification and alert about the prices of the bitcoin
  • Sending and receiving Bitcoins via QR codes
  • HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) wallets with changing addresses per transaction
  • Not centrally controlled or regulated which ensures wallet function even server is down
  • Multi-device synchronization across all mobile devices
  • Allow user to use Bitcoins by adding Merchant services
  • Optional Auto-logout from the wallet to add extra layer of security

As users prefer to use Bitcoins wallet apps to do secure transactions, many businesses eager to create their own Bitcoin Wallet Application. Bitcoin Apps development requires a high level of understanding and experience in development. You can connect with our team to share your Bitcoin Wallet App idea and get a free estimated quote.