Geolocation is the talk of the town right now. With GPS powered Augmented reality apps hitting the market like a tidal wave it has transformed the ways for brands to reach their potential customers. Companies now have the power to not only track what a user sees online but can also track where the user is currently using Geolocation apps which can help in the betterment of their sales.

These are the top trends in the field of Geolocation to watch out for

1. Augmented Advertising
Advertising is a very important for any company and with the help of augmented advertising, the user experience can be enhanced. A user’s view can be given more information than basic static ads with the use of augmented advertising.

2. Geolocation for In-store
With the rise of virtual e-commerce stores, there is a threat to the physical stores when it comes to attracting customers. Using geolocation the stores can give specific-targeted ads to walk-in customers and thus increase their sales in store.

3. Geofencing
Using geofencing business owners can create an area for targeted advertising. When the customer enters the specific area they can get alerts on their mobiles from that business. This can attract customers nearby and thus increase footfalls.

4. Weather-based advertising
Companies can use weather data to advertise specific products to their customers. This can give a personalized feel to the customers and thus help in increasing number of visitors.

5. Instant Check-ins
By using geolocation trackers the customers can be directly checked in to a place without having to manually do it and thus getting valuable data of the customer.

6. Beacons
Beacons have been slowly starting to gain a lot of popularity among brands. They are small sensors placed through retail locations and provide details on customers by tracking foot traffic. These can be used to track the customer’s specific location and thus push location-specific ads to customers to help increase sales and gather data.

These are the many ways Geolocation can be used by brands and companies to increase their marketing activities and be beneficial for the growth of the company.