PHP based open source CMS are a blessing for website owners as they enable them to use the website without the help of web developers. WordPress and Joomla may be easier to develop with their plugins and extensions but when someone wants to create a large-scale website with complete solutions Magento is the answer. Magento 2.0 has a lot of benefits when it comes to development.

Here are some of the advantages for choosing Magento 2.0

1. Better performance
Magento 2.0 has faster speed and larger scalability. Magento 2 has 50% faster loading time in catalog as well as check out pages.

2. Flexibility
Magento 2.0 is more flexible and compatible with different platforms and thus helps in seamless transition.

3. Personalization
Magento 2.0 is one of the top platforms when it comes to offering highly personalized experiences. It is equipped with technologies that offer personalized services, products and incentives of all kinds.

4. Advance Search
Magento 2.0 provides an advance search feature for users and thus gives a comprehensive navigation options to discover products and services.

5. Extensions
Magento 2.0 marketplace is managed and monitored by Magento itself hence the extension quality standards for codes is really good. Only qualified codes are made available on the marketplace and thus it really helps when you are building a website.

6. Rapid Development
Magento 2.0 has a concept called ‘View in Module’. This concept helps reduce time and complexity as it predefined the configuration and helps in creation of view as well.

7. Responsive Design
Magento 2.0 is one of the most compatible and responsive platforms as it is mobile friendly and provides seamless user experiences across different screens. Magento is also compatible with cross-platform applications and cross-browsers as well.

8. Usability and integration
Magento 2.0 backend enhances the user experiences for the backend users by providing powerful tools for management. Magento 2.0 is easy to integrate with third party tools and services and thus helps in easy integration of data.

These are some of the most important features of Magento 2.0. In the current world it is one of the top most technologies in the field of web and app development. Choosing Magento for you website or application gives the owner many advantages and thus it is one of the most preferred options in this field.