Why You Should Maintain Your App and How Much Does it Cost?

Every app needs to be maintained regularly. Our age of digital technology is famous for its rapid rate of development. Therefore, it is important to update and maintain mobile applications to match the speed of innovation and provide better app performance to users.

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The online digital world has become a great marketplace for all industries. Every company wants to make a mark of its own in its respective field and in order to expand its business in the online world, they launch mobile applications containing their company’s services and features. But little do people know that launching an app doesn’t mean that you can just sit and witness your mobile app bringing a revolution in the industry. There is another side of the coin as well. Just like all the vehicles we drive need maintenance, every custom Mobile Application needs maintenance and up-gradation.

Let’s address the first query which comes into our mind-

What is the need to maintain your mobile application?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur or you have a family business, if you want your mobile app to be a successful asset to your company or organization, you need to emphasize on the long term investment and the ever-changing technologies with regards to your application.

Let’s dive into some of the bedrock points promoting the need for maintenance.

1. A bag full of Financial benefits:

Let’s discuss a fun and interesting fact. You might be surprised to hear about this but it’s true that proper maintenance of your application doesn’t end up being an economical burden on your pocket. Rather, it helps to provide a bucket full of financial benefits to the owner such as-

  • Decrease in expenditure
  • Generation of new Users
  • Maximum returns on investments (ROI) for the longest time

Is it really possible? Absolutely!!

The trick lies under the simple method of resolving the irregular bug issues of your application. With this, you will be able to save a lot of money by the proper distribution of costs for lethal bug issues over a long period of time.

2. Cyber Security:

As our society is progressing more towards becoming an era of digitization and technology, the need for protection from online thefts and scams is also increasing at an exponential rate. The Internet has become a pool of hackers who are always ready to break through your private company data, details, and accounts with the help of a small bug or error in your online security system. So when you get your app customized by the App Development Department of a Custom Mobile App Development Company, make sure that the Agency takes the full responsibility of providing regular updates and modifications to the security system of your app so that no hacker can run with your company’s data or money.

3. Appealing User Interface and Experience:

A great UI/UX is like the backbone of an application. The more user-friendly your UX and attractive your UI is, the more number of beneficial points add on to the list.

  • Attracts new customers with modernized designs
  • Retention of old customers with better offers and services
  • A collection of vital feedback and ratings for your betterment
  • Promotion of long-lasting relationships with the customers, thus promoting more of the financial success of your business.

And the list goes on……

With such great benefits, it will be a smart business move to maintain your app if you need to make a mark in the digital business market.

4. Diminishing the Losses:

A long time malfunction or no upgradation with new features in your business app can eventually make you and your company experience financial losses. Even if you are the owner of the world’s biggest MNC or the most profitable company or even a small start-up, if your app goes under proper testing and maintenance, then you can actually prevent your company or start-up from a big loss.

So, if you want your business to sail away from the waves of financial downfalls due to technical bugs, make sure you have a great team of professional developers or a good association with an efficient Software development Company.

Now, after organizing the essential points which highlights the importance of app maintenance, the question of the hour becomes-

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain Your App?

The answer to this question is purely subjective. Primarily, it depends upon the development and features of your application.

  • The platform on which the app is launched plays an important part in the costing. The costing for the Android Store differs from that of an Apple Store.
  • The costing for the development of the application also varies depending upon the platform. Android application development differs from iOS development and so does the costing and its maintenance.
  • Every app needs a server hosting for proper maintenance of data. So you need to make a good decision in choosing a proper host server for the proper estimation of the app hosting costs.
  • Choosing proper and advanced tools like Google Analytics will be useful in the efficient monitoring of app crashes and performances. Such tools are very essential for good performance of the mobile app and thus they have different prices depending upon the functionality and business needs.

Last but not least-

  • The more features your application has, the more expense it adds on to the estimated investment. The costing depends upon the app’s features, functionality, and the customer support feature. Customer Support stands on equal importance with the development part.
  • In order to have a good reputation among the customers, you should focus and invest equally on customer support and the development part for the betterment of your business.

Words of Advice!!

Launching your business app is just one of the first steps towards the journey of your dream business in this modern era; the real game is making a mark in this digital war. And for that, you need to keep your app up-to-date with proper maintenance.

WebClues Infotech looks after your dream business and shapes it into the best app for fulfilling your needs and desires. We have the best set of professionals who look after the development and maintenance of your app under a friendly budget as per your convenience.

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