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eCommerce App Like Amazon / eBay?

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Amazon is a reliable and efficient eCommerce platform that makes buying and selling of products an easier task. With the help of the online marketplace, customers can compare and buy products or utilize services seamlessly from anywhere around the world. Further, it helps your business to eliminate the barriers which are associated with having a physical business location, and as a consequence helps you to concentrate your efforts on creating a remarkable service that addresses the needs of your customers.

Opportunities In Building An eCommerce Portal

Amid the digital revolution, it is hard for buyers and sellers to locate each other in the physical world. As most users prefer to shop online, every business looks forward to having an online store where they can sell their range of products and services hassle-free. There are comprehensive opportunities for sellers in the online marketplace which includes a wider reach to audiences, gain new customers with search engine visibility, overcome geographical limitations, bring convenience to users, and many more.

eCommerce is the preferred channel for increasing sales and revenue for any business, as it offers a complete range of benefits that any industry vertical can relish meeting their revenue goal.

eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay

Zoomshop is an all-inclusive, e-commerce white-label solution that allows businesses to easily set up and manage their online stores, helping them leverage the ongoing digital boom. White-label solutions like Zoomshop offer several advantages over custom-made applications.

White Label Solutions (Zoomshop)

  • Being ready-to-market solutions, they are reasonably cost-effective.
  • Provide a quicker route to market. Ready to launch within four to eight weeks.
  • The Chances of under-delivery are significantly lower as they are tried and tested.
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132CostTimeRisk Factor

Custom Software Development

  • Require a larger investment as each element is developed from scratch.
  • Depending on functionalities and features, the development phase can last up to several months.
  • Often delivers less value than predicted and hence risk factor is relatively higher.
Custom Development Timeline

Amplify Your eCommerce Brand with "ZoomShop" App

ZoomShop is a premier ready-made eCommerce solution that elevates your brand and lets you experience the future of online business. The app offers end-customers an intuitive interface designed for swift navigation on Android as well as iOS. It also provides them with rapid loading, low data consumption, and seamless responsiveness. Furthermore, it streamlines your business journey with efficient order management, dynamic categories, and customizable email templates via the admin interface. Check out the video below to learn more about the stand-out features and functionalities of the platform.


Millennials Influence eCommerce Market

eCommerce is growing at an unprecedented rate all over the globe. And, you cannot miss the millennial online shopping habits that have continued to have a major impact on the global economy. Today, digital users prefer to purchase from online portals for a better shopping experience because it is more convenient and easy to shop from mobile devices. Retailers must capitalize on this and adopt the eCommerce portal to increase their revenue goals.

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eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay


$47,112 is the average yearly expenditure of millennials

$1.4 trillion

Approx $1.4 trillion spent by millennial shoppers every year


67% of millennials prefer to shop online rather than in-store

Creating A Successful eCommerce Portal

While developing an eCommerce portal, your prime focus should remain on creating a smooth and easy flow from the moment when the user chooses the product till finalizes the purchase. The key driver of your successful eCommerce portal is the incredible user experience, and to achieve it, your portal needs to be quick, intuitive, and convenient enough for users.

Here, are six important points to keep in mind when creating an eCommerce website:

#1Focus On The User
#2Personalized Experience
#3Well Designed Product Description
#4Great Content
#5Incorporate Social Elements
#6Security Is Essential

Features Of eCommerce Portal

If you aspire that your eCommerce website should increase your sales, build customer loyalty, and give your business a competitive advantage then you need to include a set of features that can further facilitate your buyer's journey and deliver a great user experience. Let's take a look at some of the must-have features for your eCommerce portal.

eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay
  • Dashboard

    The dashboard feature will make it easy for sellers to see which products are performing the best or worst, product ratings & reviews, etc. In short, it will provide a detailed overview of valuable metrics that give seller insight into the performance of their product and the behavior of their customers.

  • Contact Us

    This feature builds a seamless communication channel between seller and buyer. Here, the buyer can contact the seller at any point in time regarding queries of the product or for any other form of support.

  • Blog Integration

    The blog feature is new, but an innovative aspect to engage your users with your portal. Here, sellers can include different types of blogs related to offered services, product launch, or any other genre that can help consumers to stay informative and loyal to your product and its offerings.

#1 Features For Sellers

  • Registration & Login

    To keep the quality standard intact within every product, the registration process for sellers must involve certain criteria where they have to verify their business and offered services. This will help customers to get the right services from the certified and verified sellers.

  • Product Management

    Managing Products is easy using this feature. In this panel, sellers can add or remove any product according to their availability.

  • Product Inventory Management

    The product inventory management feature will help sellers to keep a detailed record of each product as it enters or leaves a warehouse. Further, it will allow sellers to stay organized, avoid costly errors, and track all inventory activities seamlessly.

  • Products Ratings and Reviews

    Reviews allow users to express their feelings about the product and shopping experience. Using this feature, the seller can make better & faster decisions about product roadmap, based on the feedback of users.

  • Reports

    Sellers can view daily, monthly, or annual analytics reports related to sales, highest purchased product, least sold product, most liked and disliked the product, etc.

  • Order Management

    This feature will enable sellers to get complete order details of the user. From receiving the order till the time it is delivered, the seller will get all the details under this feature.

#2 Features For Buyers

eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay
  • Category

    The category feature makes the user experience smooth, as it helps customers to pick the products from the defined categories. And they don't have to get confused due to various products, but can simply click on their preferred category and make the purchase.

  • Product Listing & Detail

    This feature must be a perfect blend of brief product descriptions and images, so your consumers can take a closer look at the products. And, this will help them further to make the purchase smartly and will also reduce the risk of a product return.

  • Checkout

    Whether your customers are shopping from their desktop or their phone you need to make the purchasing process simple for them. The navigation and steps involved in this feature must be as less and simple as possible to make the purchase take place smoothly.

  • My Account

    This feature allows your customers to get an interactive experience and foster a relationship with your portal. Users can check their past orders, settings, cart, language, notification, and other features.

  • Registration

    The registration is the basic feature but it must be integrated with the convenience. You must let your users register on your eCommerce portal through their preferred option that can be a mail, phone number, or even the social media login.

  • Search

    With this feature, users can easily find the specific product they are looking for. Integrating the autocomplete feature is also a great option to save the time of users. Also, users don't have to scroll through every category, they can simply use some keywords like cleaning products in the search bar and the listed products will be displayed.

  • Cart

    It is a must-have feature in an eCommerce portal and builds a positive user experience. Further, it lets the customers pick the purchasing flexibility and save or buy now as per their convenience. Your customers can add a product to the cart and if they don't want to proceed to checkout immediately, they can return to it later.

  • Guest Checkout

    For first-time users, who are looking forward to easy and quick ways to purchase, a guest checkout feature is most useful. It helps them to purchase without saving their contact information and helps them to build trust on the portal.

  • Newsletter Subscription

    With the newsletter subscription, your users get the daily, weekly updates about any new advancement taking place on your portal. And, this further helps them to stay engaged and updated about services they are likely to receive from your platform.

eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay

Challenges Of Building A Marketplace Like Amazon / eBay

You cannot excel by solely focusing on customer service, but to get a significant advantage your eCommerce business needs to overcome some challenges. There are multiple challenges faced by the eCommerce marketplace, but with a few simple solutions, you can resolve those issues and focus on running your business instead.

eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay


Fierce Competition In The Horizontal Marketplaces

Entering and sustaining in the eCommerce business is a daunting task. To beat the competition, you have to establish and maintain the best supply chain, wholesaler relationships, and provide excellent customer services. And, this enables you to drive more sales through return customers.


Getting The Right Technology To Handle Requests

The right technology helps customers to easily track their orders, find the best deals, and be informed about the latest updates and trends. The integration of efficient technological advancements helps consumers to connect with brands and empowers them to shop more effortlessly.


Warehousing, Logistics, Shipping, And Product Returns

An efficient return process involves various factors and steps where any product, if not liked by the customer or damaged, can be returned without any issues involved. Here, a product reaches to the warehouse, get checked for quality, and shipped with the new or refurbished product to customers.


Customer Support

The customer support feature in the eCommerce portal ensures to provide incredible support to online shoppers. If your visitors have questions or need help in making a purchase, this feature helps them navigate your site and achieve their goals.

How To Monetize An Amazon/eBay-like Marketplace?

There are many ways you can grow your eCommerce marketplace. With the right products, sophisticated marketing tactics, and seller support, your monetization model can thrive and help you get an edge over the fierce competition.

eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay
eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay

#1Subscriptions Model

The eCommerce portal can charge sellers one-time subscription fees for accessing their platform and utilizing ongoing services. Using this model, the portal can get recurring revenue from sellers based on the product count or time-period.

eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay

#2Commission Model

Using this model, the eCommerce portal can charge a different kind of commission structure on every sale made. Here, the portal gets a share of every transaction/sell made through the sellers account.

eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay

#3Advertisement Model

In this model, the eCommerce portal asks sellers to purchase the space on the platform to host their products. By using this model, seller can advertise their products using promotional activities such as best deals, banners, festive offers, etc.; optimizing their product search visibility. It helps sellers to get more conversion as their products appear on the portal's home page.

eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay

#4Fulfillment And Shipping Fees

It will include packaging & delivery of products purchased online from the eCommerce store. The portal can either hire third-party courier service providers that pack and ship orders or can deal with the shipping process by its own with the appropriate commission.

eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay

#5Co-branded Credit Cards

The co-branded credit card is sponsored by two parties; one is a retailer, and the other is a bank or card network such as Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. With co-branded credit cards, cardholders receive the merchandise discounts or rewards points when they buy from the sponsoring merchant. This triggers the purchase from the eCommerce portal and even attracts customers who aren't interested in regular credit cards.

eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay

Why Bringing Your Business On eCommerce Is A Smart Choice?

Online shopping is expected to grow at a great pace with 56% of GenX and 67% of GenY using eCommerce to make purchases. Hence, it is important to consider an eCommerce-based strategy for your business operations and streamline the ROI model.

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How Long Does It Take To Build An eCommerce Platform Like Amazon/eBay?

The scope of a website consists of various features, functionalities, platform(s), and technology stack. All these factors influence the timeline of development. To help you get an overview of the level of effort in building an online marketplace, we’ve got you the detailed information below.

DeliverablesModuleSub TaskEstimated
Admin - Backend
Menu ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List Menu2
Banner ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List Website Banners on home page4
Category/Sub-category ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List Product Categories/Sub-category8
Product Attribute ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List Product Attributes 6
Product Options ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List Product options like colour, size.6
Brand ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List Product Brands4
Buyer ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List site Buyers16
Seller ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/Block site Sellers16
 View Seller Products 
Promocode ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List Promocodes8
Tax ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List Tax rates6
Payment Gateway ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List Payment Gateway24
Shipping Method ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List Shipping methods28
Order ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List orders32
 Generate Invoice 
 Order Status Management 
Order Cancel/Refund Management 12
Commission Management Add/Edit/Delete/List Seller Commission16
Newsletter ManagementNewsletter Management with integration of Mail-chimp14
Blog Management Add/Edit/Delete/List Blog18
CMS Management Add/Edit/Delete/List CMS pages10
Email Notification ManagementManage Email notification of all the events8
Social Media ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List social media follow us links4
Reports 24
DashboardDashboard with statistics18
Site Configuration ManagementSet up all required site configurations8
Google Analytics Integration 8
SEO Friendly URL 12
RegistrationSeller can register with a Form (Admin approval is required post registration)12
LoginSeller can login with email & password4
 My Profile 
Forgot PasswordSeller can send forgot password request2
Product ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List site Products36
Product Inventory Management 8
Order ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List orders32
 Generate Invoice 
 Order Status Management 
 Order Cancel/Refund Management 
My AccountMy Products60
 View Products Review/Rating 
 My Orders 
 My Earnings - Seller will be able to see the list of payment received 
 Change Password 
Subscribe to Newsletter 4
Blog IntegrationShow blogs specific to category12
CMS PagesList content of all CMS pages by page8
Reports 20
DashboardDashboard with statistics16
RegistrationBuyer can register with a Form or social media (Facebook & Google)6
LoginBuyer can login with a Form or social media login (Facebook & Google)4
 My Profile 
Forgot PasswordBuyer can send forgot password request2
Home Page Integration 16
Category Page IntegrationList All products from the category24
 Filter by Sub Category, Brand, Prices, Colour, Size and other attributes 
 Grid / List view 
 Add to wishlist 
 Product comparison 
Search ImplementationSearch section in header16
Product Detail PageList of product with images32
 Choose product quantity and option 
 Product tabs of Seller, description, Review/Rating of Product 
 Social media sharing of product 
 Recently viewed products bellow main product with slider 
 Add to Cart 
 Add to wishlist 
 Product comparison 
Cart PageAdd product to cart.12
CheckoutAdd Billing and Shipping Address34
 Select Payment method 
 Select Shipping method 
 Review order and make payment. 
Guest Checkout Option to checkout as guest12
My AccountChange Password20
 My Orders 
 Cancel/Return Order 
Subscribe to Newsletter 4
Blog IntegrationShow blogs specific to category12
CMS PagesList content of all CMS pages by page8
Contact Us IntegrationForm to contact Admin6
Sitemap Integration 2
Business Analyst32
Project Management60
Website Graphics Design60
Hyper Text Markup Language110
Quality Assurance120
System Architecture and Database Design24
Server Setup and Configuration 16
 Total Hours1180
eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay

Multiple Ways To Sell In eCommerce

The eCommerce world provides various opportunities to sellers and buyers to sell and buy their products and services through the internet. For a startup to brand, eCommerce can be extremely rewarding and can also provide a path to success without the risks involved in selling products to the vast number of the user base. Here, we have accumulated some of the ways that are used in eCommerce to reach out to your targeted consumers.



Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is also known as mCommerce and with the surge in mobile users; it is becoming a mainstream marketplace. It allows sellers and buyers to buy and sell products online through mobile devices. In this portal, consumers can shop from brands and retailers through several channels on their phones, which can be social media, mobile commerce apps, mobile websites, and more.

eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay


Social Commerce

Social commerce sells products directly through social media networks. For your business, social commerce holds ample of benefits. You can drive traffic to your services, through different social media channels, like- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or even Snapchat. It is an efficient way to reach your targeted audience through different and potential means.

eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay


eCommerce Marketplace

The concept of the eCommerce marketplace is trending amongst sellers and buyers. As millions of buyers are crowding on online multi-seller malls, it is a great revenue generation opportunity for sellers. As a seller, you can list products on the eCommerce portal and provide competitive prices to make profits effortlessly.


eCommerce Auction Portal

The mechanism of an eCommerce auction works on the internet. Here, as a seller, you need to list an item for sale in an auction-style listing, further choose a starting price. Later, the interested buyers place bids to make the purchase. On the completion of the auction, you as a seller can sell to the highest bidder, and earn the profit.


Wholesale eCommerce Portal

The wholesale eCommerce is the process of selling the products in bulk to another retailer, usually at a discounted price. Further, these retailers sell these products to their customers. This entire process takes place in the online marketplace or eCommerce portal. This is one of the best ways to attract customers, as exclusive discounts and deals are offered to them.

Technology Stack For Your eCommerce Platform

An eCommerce portal requires a full-fledged technology stack to function smoothly. In terms of back-end & front-end technologies, several frameworks and languages must be considered to make it work and synchronize in both web and mobile platforms. Different set of technologies and frameworks are needed to make the portal work efficiently as per the requirement. Here you will find the list of main tools that should be used for the development of the eCommerce portal.

For Android

eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay

For Backend

eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay

For iOS

eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay

Future Of eCommerce

Eventually, eCommerce had come a long way since the last two and a half decades of its existence. And, it is predicted to grow 4.88 trillion dollars’ industry by 2021. It is closely observed and estimated that around 3 billion buyers from emerging & potential markets will get access to the internet by 2022. Allowing the new and existing businesses to branch out and reach new audiences and get opportunities from the new eCommerce platforms. The eCommerce portals will allow these brands to scale their presence and make a strong foothold in the emerging markets. To sell their products, many small to large industries will pick up the eCommerce portals, to reach their targeted audience base.

eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay

eCommerce Apps/Websites Offered By WebClues Infotech

eCommerce Website Like Amazon / eBay


Spotafile is a global vehicle and marketplace for trading files that are normally not readily accessible on the internet. As a Supplier on Spotafile you can easily commercialise all your previous work in academia or in business. You can do this by offering your files (e g. an advanced engineering or financial model) at a USD price you set.

Industries That Are Driving On-Demand Economy

The gig-economy has opened a door of opportunities not just for eCommerce, but there are different industries as well which are taking the benefits out of it.


The introduction of on-demand services has revolutionized the healthcare sector. Now, it is easier to establish contact between a qualified doctor and patient, order medicines, book diagnostics tests, and collect reports on the go.


The food delivery market has benefitted hugely from the on-demand services, as it allows users to order food from their favorite restaurants and get delivered at their door-step.


When it comes to booking tickets of movies or events, on-demand apps come handy. They help users get required services at just one touch while sitting at home. The entertainment industry has become advanced because of on-demand services.


Technologies like smart boards, digital highlighters are paving their way into the sector of education and are changing its paradigm completely.


The professional services have gained the maximum benefits from the on-demand services, as it allows users to hire professionals for all their household works or any work in general.


The transportation sector owns a lot to the on-demand economy, as it allows users to book a cab or any other form of transportation by making a few taps on their smartphones.

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