How to Create A Real Estate Marketplace Like Zillow?

How to Create A Real Estate Marketplace Like Zillow?

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Finally, Raman is ready to buy his own house. Coming from a middle-class family, his entire childhood revolved around different rental apartments. Now after years of hard work, he is finally ready to fulfill his childhood dream of having his own house. He and his wife decide to go for real estate apps and websites rather than opting for a real estate agent. But this is where the problem begins. So many real estate apps and websites are available on the internet but almost none of them provide all the necessary functions required for helping the customers. In the end, Raman gets confused regarding what should be done and ultimately, he decides to go to an agent and the agent charges him a bomb by providing a mediocre house which ultimately was way below Raman’s expectations and aspirations. 

A major section of the society faces this same issue when they plan to have their dream house. These are some of the main key points that an individual should know if he or she wants to know the answer to the following question- How to Create a Real Estate Marketplace like Zillow? Getting a rented house or buying a house, both require a lot of homework to be done. Some of the common problems include proper location, no communication barrier between tenants, agents and house owners, proper paperwork, and the count is still on. What every human being needs is one simple solution that would overshadow all these complications. Here comes the role of real estate apps like Zillow. So for any individual or company who wants to make a fortune out of real estate business, instead of comparing Zillow with your business, the first focus should be to answer the basic question of “How to Create a Real Estate Marketplace?” One needs to approach a good Mobile App Development Company who would understand and cover up all the basic prerequisites for making an efficient real estate app. These points inclu

  1. The idea behind your app
  2. The varieties in types of applications
  3. Finalizing the Features
  4. Ratio of attractiveness and user-friendliness in the designs
  5. The Money Game

Let’s explore these points with more depth and detail

1. The idea behind your app:

The idea behind your app The primary focus should be to have a clear understanding of the reasons behind the need for the app. Zillow is not just an ordinary app with minimal features. Richard Barton and Lloyd Frink (the founders of Zillow) tried to validate all the following points before moving forward with the development of Zillow.

  • The era of digitization: Today our world is full of innovative technologies and thus the concept of luxury has turned out to be a necessity now. A lot of apps have been designed for almost all essential purposes and this has contributed towards the comfort and time management of every single human being. The digital world is the new world of business now and if you want to be a successful marketplace, having a strong online presence is a must.
  • Proper communication and support: Running a real estate business is a hectic business. Every client needs proper customer support on a ground level and available whenever in need. In such a scenario, an efficient application providing direct communication and technical support can be a boon to society.
  • Good strategy for marketing: A Real Estate Mobile App Development service can be a great way of promoting your business online without any hindrance in the form of scams, spams, and 3rd party authorities. Providing regular updates and notifications on the application about every house available with required details within their favorable region so that the client doesn’t miss out on his/her perfect home is another very important strategy in terms of marketing. Such strategies help in bringing more clients and uplifting business and revenue.

2. The varieties in types of applications:

The motive now is to shortlist the appropriate medium that would transform your ideas into actions. The Zillow app is designed in such a descriptive manner that the company and the customers both enjoy the functionalities of the app. When it comes to selecting the right option on which you can vouch for the right amount and quality of services for your app or website, the choices are divided in the following ways.

  • Choosing an authorized agency: A professional agency dealing with all essential Mobile App Development Services can be a good option as the agency is in the business for a long time and the app would cover all the houses listed under the agency and provide agents working under the agency’s authorization. All the services and features will be monitored by the agency itself and the agency would promote better business management by looking after your business model, client activity, etc.
  • Choosing a freelancer or a 3rd party: In this case, the freelancer or 3rd party acts as a negotiator between the customers and agents. Here, there is no professionally authorized company taking full responsibility for your app. The process in it has a different approach as compared to agencies because-


  1. Users can sign up as buyers or freelancing agents.
  2. Professional Real Estate Agents can provide their listings of houses in the app.
  3. Users can also become sellers by posting a picture of the respective houses they want to sell or keep on rent.

3. Finalizing the Features:

This is what makes you stand out of the crowd. You need to make sure that your app contains all the features responsible to make it a trustworthy app in everyone’s eyes. The basic features to be mentioned are:

  • User-friendly Signup: The process should be easy and interactive for anyone so that he /she can provide all necessary details without any confusion and problem.
  • Maps: The user can easily check for his favorite locations, landmarks, and nearby properties by using the map feature.
  • Details of the Property: Sufficient details regarding the property which include property images, location, condition, costing, etc. are essential to be communicated properly beforehand.
  • Reviews, Suggestions, and Ratings: A proper review and suggestion system would be a handy facility for the users in searching for the best property and house.
  • Technical Support: A 24*7 customer support and technical team present via chatbot and telephone to solve the queries of the users would be a bonus.

4. Ratio of attractiveness and user-friendliness in the designs:

Ratio of attractiveness and user-friendliness in the designs A good Real Estate App Development Service has a proper blend of creativity and simplicity, just like that of Zillow’s. You should take care of the following properties.

  • Use of Clear Maps, Images, Heat maps, and Videos so that it provides the best possible user experience.
  • Easy Navigation and High-Quality 3D feature: Easy navigation patterns in the app with 3D experience would promote the quality of the app.

5. The Money Game:

To get the maximum revenue from your application, you need to follow the modern trends by implementing it.

  • Advertisements under the monetization model which is a trending feature in Android and iOS apps.
  • Premium Subscription offer for users who want to look for more property and enjoy all the features.
  • Chargeable fees by sellers or agents when they want to put on details of their property for selling.

We at WebClues Infotech, offer our expertise to house rental startups and businesses that provide services in property listings, rental services, and more. By sensing all the latest trends in real estate software development we design the solutions that will definitely aid in growing your business. Feel free to contact us, we will be glad to help you bring your real estate app development idea into reality.




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