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Why Developing An App Like Netflix Is An Ideal Investment Choice For You?

Binge-watching is the new fact that covers the need of the hour of the Millenials. Today modern people love to stay hooked to something worthy of their attention and this need is well-answered by Netflix service, which is drawing viewers across the distance of the ocean.

Some of the most jaw-dropping facts about Netflix states that it is the world’s leading subscription service to watch TV episodes and movies on same platform. It allows the streaming licensed and rented content on DVD and Blu-ray discs via mail.

Netflix has around 86 million users globally and 47 million users in the U.S. The company is worth US$ 6.78 billion.

It is available for iOS and Android and is free to download, but charges for in-app purchases.
With such a great pool of advantages, which fit the demand of today’s consumers, Netflix turns out to be an incredible option for investors to make smart investment decision.

Are you willing to discover where to get such an efficient and power-packed app?

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Why Should You Choose WebClues Infotech For Building A Live Streaming Video App Like Netflix?

An app like Netflix requires a huge deal of technological advancements and expertise to handle the unpredictable Tech-challenges, and such obstacles can be met with the assistance of highly experienced app builders like WebClues Infotech.

At WebClues Infotech, we have a robust brood of well-efficient app developers , designers and QA analysts, who hold the years of experience in crafting some of the most successful app solutions for a wider range of industries.

Our extensive set of exposure has helped Fortune 500, promising start-ups and renowned brands from the globe , to trigger their popularity and revenue goal to a great extent.


Carve A Niche For Your Users With Captivating Features And Substantial Functionality Like Netflix

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Netflix is a sure-shot way to garner the attention of the audience, not just from a specific base, but audiences coming from different walks of life are also inclined towards its functionalities. Eventually, it concludes to be a proven and an ideal choice to incur profit out of it. With the app like Netflix, you get an ample amount of reasons to get the monetary benefits and make a strong passage for your sales funnel.

Factors That Makes Video Streaming App A Grand Success

We are going to list the main steps you should undertake before you start learning how to create SVOD like Netflix.

01. App Monetization

Succinctly, the monetization of video platforms can only be expected based on the subscription model. This allows users to get variable plans for the viewers. The different plans like monthly, quarterly, or annually can be added including the free trial versions for a month. It will really trigger the excitement of the user.

The users can subscribe to all video libraries or only some part, allowing you to monetize the app. You must follow the steps as following:

  • Creating a plan for users
  • Automated repetitive payments
  • Free trial version
  • Auto-updating/discounts
  • Video advertising

02. Multi-currency support

Netflix has gained popularity throughout the world. Consequently, its users have also increased across the globe. Therefore, you need to integrate the multi-currency support allowing users to pay as per their preference and convenience.


03. Video sharing and streaming

Netflix is the most popular video streaming app service that streams approximately 250 million hours of video per day to around 98 million paid subscribers in 190 countries.

With the help of Netflix, you can watch movies, TV shows, and documentaries on various devices and it does give an incredible viewing experience. Users use the Netflix to stream movies and TV shows on their screens and as the utilization of Netflix is so simple, it can be handled and managed by anyone easily.

Netflix can be watched on a computer, by simply logging to netflix.com, and also the feasibility of accessing the incredible content from anywhere in the world.

04. Smart Downloads

As the name suggests the Smart Downloads feature automatically deletes the episode once the user has finished watching it, and then further download the next one with a stable Wi-Fi network. With this feature, users avoid the clutter of deleting and downloading content manually.


Why Investing In A Live Streaming App Like Netflix Is The Right Choice?

When launching a new business indeed there are multiple ways to invest and get the best revenue out of your business goal, but at the same time investing within a concept like Netflix model, does not guarantee immediate astonishing success. Therefore, you must figure out the best ways to initiate a concept which holds the better version of Netflix, and becomes a revenue-generating model for you.

A significant aim to turn into a competitor of Netflix can only be proven to be an ideal choice when there is a prominent profit to be incurred out of it. Remember, nobody wants to get a mobile app, which has nothing unique & different to offer, hence you must obtain those mandatory features along with something UNIQUE & CAPTIVATING which pick the best out of your concept.

Some Statistics To Prove The Demand For An App Like Netflix


Netflix owns 71% of the global streaming video on demand market and all alone it captures 63% of the market in the USA. Looking closely, it can be stated that Netflix has spent an estimated $12 billion on content creation and licensing in 2018. According to the report, the number could reach $15 billion in 2019. This has led the audiences in the bigger number of nearly 140 million across the globe to subscribe to Netflix.

Netflix is crushing the competition of industry giants by providing the fresh and in-demand content to the audience and this has marked a spectrum in the entertainment industry wherein Netflix has broken the mold for how television is made, watched & rated.

Where Do The Existing Players Stand?


$10 Billion


$6 Billion


$1.7 Billion


$1.5 Billion

Netflix is charting on top in the battle of the streaming video services but it is facing increased competition from industry stalwarts. Netflix’s growth has been phenomenal but there are other industry leaders who are turning the competition stiff enough. This war of better functionalities and features has given enough options to users to relish the live-streaming video platform. These big players in the market are soaring the competition high; clearly stating the potential of live-streaming video app platforms.

How To Create An App Like Netflix

Before creating an app like Netflix some important points have to be taken into consideration such as choice of platform, design, mode of payment, etc. The integration of these points requires a complete business plan.

Follow the below steps in order to build a step by step strategy to create a Netflix-like streaming app:


Hire an efficient app development company


Begin with the right strategy to initiate an
app like Netflix


Build a business model


Utilize the tech stack to build the app


Include MVP features to decide the wireframe


Comprehend the technological essentials

Features Essential To Make Video Streaming App Like Netflix


List the content in the already existing library or use an integrated search feature.


Netflix offers the new TV shows and films according to the preferences.


Users can create up to five separate profiles in a single account.


Add search categories to the service; users can rate films viewed, then the app will sort out films you like more precisely.

Advanced Features Which Are Must In Your Video Streaming App

Indeed the MVP is an integral part of Netflix app development. It helps the mobile app to secure a better way to reach the RIGHT audience by integrating the required features & functionalities, however, the basic features & the functionalities are mandatory which cannot be given a skip, such as:


This is the very first feature which can’t be ignored at any given cost, here users can register via email and social networks. This allows users to conveniently access the app.

Payment gateway

This allows users to make the payment without any hassle by just clicking on one single button.

User profile

Within this users can add their favorite movies or watch their own preferred content.

Content search

This allows users to select the different content genres, also based on the selection by user reviews.

Chat and comments

It lets the communication to take place amongst the users to leave a comment.


In this feature, users are notified by the messages to watch any new or upcoming TV show, season or a series.


The very selection of audio track, subtitles on/off, play/pause, rewind, volume control, etc. can be set and maintained through this feature.

Multiple language support

This feature lets the various languages to be used on the platform, letting the app to have more users.

Blocking of screenshots

It is majorly done for the protection of the copyright, allowing users to not violate the protection.

Admin Panel

This one is the obligatory feature for users to have in the app, the admin will have access to all content to manage videos and users, block users if necessary, and so on.

Technology Stack For Netflix-Like App

Here you will find the list of the main tools that should be used for the development…

For Android


For Backend


For iOS


How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Netflix?

It’s not that easy to estimate the development cost of an app like Netflix. We have to know target platforms, defined set of features, scope or complexity of the project, average developer cost, and many more.

Also, the cost of creating an app may vary from country to country and region to region.

In order to lessen the expense of building an app like Netflix, you need to hire a notable organization that has broad experience in developing an on-demand video streaming app. We being an experienced mobile app development company know the most recent patterns and innovations utilized in developing an app at a very financially savvy cost.

The final cost can be determined only after having a thorough discussion with our app developers and experts.


Timeline To Build An App Like Netflix

To be précised the very development process of an app like Netflix includes several steps, consisting of app designing, development, backend, content, payment gateway, an analytical algorithm to name a few.

These features and functionalities take time to be placed successfully in an app. Yet the development of a successful app takes the integration of the right team and the technological resources.

DeliverablesDescriptionEstimated Hours
Framework setup and configuration
API For Mobile
Admin User Management
Country Management
Cities Management
User Management
Driver Management
Ride Type Management
Fare Management
Rides Management
Driver Packages Management
Payouts Management
Payment Transactions Management
Reviews Management
Help Management
Help Request Management
Contact Us Management
CMS Management
Email Templates Management
Site Settings Management
Frontend - Mobile App Driver
Splash Screen
Sign Up
Accept Terms & Conditions
Driver Police Clearance
Insurance Details
Admin Approval is Required
Sign In
My Profile
Change Password
Buy Packages
Take Up Ride
My Account
Schedule Availability
Contact Us
Layout Design
Design Integration
Total Estimated Hours1938

Which Industries Are Benefiting From On-demand Apps?

There are several industrial sectors that are witnessing a renaissance in the way they operate after the arrival and growth in demand for online apps. Some of them are listed below.


With the on-demand apps it is now possible to book appointments and even get blood reports and other medication with the comfort of the tap of your finger.


Zomato, UberEats, Swiggy etc. are the prime examples of the value of online delivery apps in the food business. These apps have bridged the distance between restaurants and customers to provide them with the convenience of having a meal at the comfort of their home.


Whether it is about social media, audio, video etc. on demand apps in the entertainment sector are revolutionising the industry.


Players like Big Basket have proved that on-demand apps are one of the best ways to have a two-fold advantage-one of boosting the sales and second providing customers a convenient experience.


From salon booking to wedding bridal makeup, whatever your needs are now you need not abide by the hectic traditional path of extensive searching. Just use your phones and choose the best nearest to you.


Uber and Ola have fulfilled the desires of many to travel with the entire family in cars. The online delivery apps are changing the face of how transportation works to make the lives of citizens better and better.


How much time does it take for building a Live-streaming Video App like Netflix?

Typically for iOS app development, it takes approx. 800-900 hours. Though it varies according to your requirements and the tools and technologies used.

Why do I need App like Netflix?

Live-streaming app is not restricted to just live video and audio streaming services. You can earn money by providing content and multimedia, including pictures, text, and live chat.

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