How To

Develop An E-Learning App Like BYJU's?

The educational sphere is being greatly transformed these days by the welcoming changes driven by smartphone technology. Byju's success in India has impacted the educational process, making us innovative and more progressive in m-learning space.

BYJU's is an ed-tech startup that has got more than $244 million in funding.  Even the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, have invested a huge amount in this personalized learning platform.

With witty tagline 'fall in love with learning,' Byju's has created a revolution in the field of e-learning. Byju's is India's first educational unicorn startup that has secured Billion dollar valuation, after getting funds in the initial rounds. Byju's success in India has definitely disrupted the learning system. Apps like Byju's and Topper make us visualize the power of innovative and more progressive mobile-learning solutions. Apart from making the education process more engaging and interactive, it also assures providing a comprehensive standard of education with ease, effectiveness, and simplicity.

BYJU's started its journey with its founder Raveendran in 2011. The teaching pattern of Raveendran made him the most demanded tutor among CAT aspirants. And this constant demand increased from a small room to a seminar hall, and further, it spread to different states as well. And by the year 2008, he registered his company named 'Think and Learn Private Ltd' in 2008. And now, this company is known as Byju's learning app.

The company made its first U.S. acquisition in January when it bought education games startup Osmo for $120 million. And, Byju's has plans to expand into more English-speaking countries, as well as more countries in Asia. Education & eLearning have appeared as influential business models. Creating a mobile-centric learning platform is indeed a profitable investment.

By associating with the WebClues Infotech educational app development company, you can launch a learning application that makes learning more addictive.

WebClues Academy is a comprehensive, e-learning white-label solution, transforming teacher-student interactions to facilitate upskilling from anywhere in the world. Let's explore how white-label solutions like these fare better than custom-made applications

White Label Solutions (WebClues Academy)

  • Being ready-to-market solutions, they are reasonably cost-effective.
  • Provide a quicker route to market. Ready to launch within four to eight weeks.
  • The Chances of under-delivery are significantly lower as they are tried and tested.
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132CostTimeRisk Factor

Custom Software Development

  • Require a larger investment as each element is developed from scratch.
  • Depending on functionalities and features, the development phase can last up to several months.
  • Often delivers less value than predicted and hence risk factor is relatively higher.
Custom Development Timeline

WebClues Academy is a customizable ready-made eLearning solution that offers students the highest quality online education. The app provides high-quality content with many impressive features such as Live Lectures, Custom test assessments, Announcement sections, etc. to enhance the learning skills of learners. The app is revamping the style of providing and receiving education. Watch the video below to know more about the functionalities incorporated into the platform.

  • 01.

    Convenient and flexible access
  • 02.

    Multimedia learning content
  • 03.

    Personalized learning paths
  • 04.

    Instant feedback and tracking, Available 24/7
  • 05.

    Engaging and interactive
  • 06.

    Cost-effective solution
  • 07.

    Detailed reporting
  • 08.

    Transparency for Stakeholders

eLearning apps offer a convenient and flexible way to access education, allowing individuals to learn at their own pace and on their own time. With bite-sized lessons, gamified quizzes, and multimedia content, eLearning apps make learning fun and engaging. Whether you're looking to learn a new skill, advance your career, or simply satisfy your curiosity, eLearning apps are the perfect tool for achieving your goals.


E-learning mobile apps offer users the freedom to access learning content through podcasts, videos, and other mechanisms. But in order to create a successful eLearning app, certain functionalities must be taken into account. Let's take a look at the basic and essential functionalities required to make an eLearning app portal a reality.

Basic Features

  • Login / Registration
  • User profile
  • Course Listing
  • Subscription
  • Online Study Material

Advanced Features

  • Quiz
  • Attendance
  • Gamification
  • Events / Newsletter
  • Connect Parent

External Features

  • Data Analytics
  • Live Chat
  • In-App Video or Voice Calling
  • Screen Sharing & Recording
  • In-App Wallet

Byju's offers highly interactive CAT, Civil Services Examination, GMAT, GRE, and School Education online coaching classes. With exceptional performance, integrity, and security, Bjyus provides an inclusive learning model. Every educational institute is taking the benefits of technology to provide a smarter way of learning apps.

To make your eLearning mobile application stand out on the competitive grounds, it is essential to provide something extra and different from what your competitors are serving to their potential audiences. There are several benefits associated with the eLearning portal and by including the below-mentioned features; you would create better user engagement.


In-app payment

For the practice sessions, learners look for the course and other training material within the app only. The learners can make a payment through any of the multiple payment modes offered on the app.


Online Examination/Mock Test

Providing the online Mock tests and examination in the application itself is good for kids/students preparing for the examination. It helps them to prepare much better.


E-learning analytics

By including E-learning analytics in your app, you provide invaluable insights to the learners about their performance; improving learners' understanding and learning. It can profoundly change how education is administered.


Push notification

Push messages help learners to interact and get engaged easily. Send learning tips, shortcut tricks, etc. in the easiest & engaging way. Blend push notification with regular learning and allow students to stay updated regarding upcoming classes and other updates in the course content. This helps in the smooth functioning of the learning concept as well.



Gamification of learning

The Gamification of the learning process has showered the magical effects. It has encouraged students and tutors to develop an interest in online learning. It opens creative ways of learning and keeping the excitement alive in learners.


Quizzes to Earn Points

This feature will increase the usability of your application. Through this, A number of students can join the quiz provided by you to earn points. Further, students can redeem these points to download e-books, study material or videos.


VR-enabled app

E-learning is all about offering convenience and engagement. Nothing can accentuate the user-engagement better with the latest technology advancement, and that is Virtual Reality. With VR your audience can learn and understand much better.


Offline Mode

A stable internet connection is a matter of concern in many parts of the country. So, the app must be capable of offering an offline mode, where students can download the modules. This can keep their interest alive in your app, and they'll visit the app whenever needed, to seek information offline as well.

We have developed cutting-edge eLearning platforms that have been featured on top platforms and made a lasting impact in the online education space. Our apps are renowned for their interactive designs, top-level user experience and advanced features that appeal to global trainers and trainees. We continuously strive to surprise our users with our innovative approach to creating engaging and effective learning experiences.

On-demand Education Apps
Online training app
Virtual Classroom Apps
Corporate eLearning app
Mock Test Apps
Quiz Apps
Exam Preparation Apps
Preschool Education Apps
Language learning apps
Online Entrance Examination Apps
Study aids and flashcard apps
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Video Streaming Learning Apps
Mind Mapping and Study Planning Apps

The concept of eLearning is growing rapidly and is expected to gain even more momentum in the coming years. Its combination of low cost, high convenience, and accessibility is transforming it into the predominant global education market. We can observe its growing prevalence in various geographic markets, empowered by emerging technologies and tools that support eLearning, and the swelling role of social learning as a top learning and development (L&D) priority. The E-Learning market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13% and reach a market size of USD 645 billion by 2030. These trends suggest that eLearning is an increasingly viable education option that is worth exploring.


Toppr is an online learning app personalized for CBSE students. It allows learning through high-quality video lectures, takes mock tests, & provides new concepts of learning. It also has a real-time doubt clearing feature benefitting students globally.


Vedantu is an online e-learning platform that features real-time personalized learning. It provides a software platform where students can connect with teachers for live counseling sessions, doubt clearing sessions, and real-time one to one teaching to study seamlessly.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is changing the rules of education. It provides free world-class education to anyone, anywhere. It provides a free educational resource for students, teachers, and parents. It offers quizzes, practice worksheets, and tests so students can master skills, as well as instructional videos to help students learn or review material.


Unacademy builds a large educational repository by empowering great educators and making it accessible to everyone. It allows aspiring students to better prepare for their competitive examinations and promote self-learning.

Webclues - CMMI Level 5

We are a CMMI level 5 certified company

Our innovative process, technological improvements, and relentless commitment to delivering the finest quality of services to our clients have made us earn this authoritative certification.


Imparting quality education is surely a cause in itself, but doing it the way platforms like BYJU's requires a well-depth knowledge of digital and physical infrastructure. There is an integration of different panels and features to be associated with this platform. Take a look at the technological advancements to be integrated further.

Student PanelParent's PanelTeacher's PanelAdmin Panel
Sign up/LoginSign up/LoginSign up/LoginClass/Grade Management
Profile CreationProfileProfile CreationSubject Management
Subscription SelectionConnect StudentDashboardChapter Management
Course ListingNotificationsStudent ManagementTopic Management
Course DetailsAdmin AnnouncementClass Creation and ManagementContent Management
Online TestsView student ProfileContest CreationTest Management
QuizzesStudent ReportClass ReportsStudent Management
Online ContestsBuy Courses/SubscriptionStudent ReportsParent Management
Push NotificationsPaymentNotificationsTeacher Management
Purchase historyContact AdminContact AdminContest Management
Refer and EarnReports

Building an app like BYJU's involves a series of steps. The timeline depends on the company you hire and the platforms, tools, and technologies used. To guarantee a smooth user experience on both web and mobile platforms, a comprehensive knowledge of the technology and the market is essential. With an understanding of all these elements, typically it takes between 1500-2500 hours to create an app like BYJU's.

LoginLogin with Email and PasswordLogin activity with validation8
Forgot PasswordForgot Password
Reset Password
Grade ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/SearchListing
Grade Listing (Active/Inactive)
Enter the grade name, Grade wise term end dates,subscription amount for each grade
Subject ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/SearchListing
Subject Listing
enter the subject name and upload an image for a subject
Chapter ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/SearchListing
Chapter listing, active & inactive chapter,review chapter topics
select the grade and subject for which they want to add chapter name & color
Topic managementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/SearchListing
Chapter wise topic listing, active & inactive topic,view topic's content
all topic for each chapter
delete all the relevant data
Content managementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/SearchTopic wise content listing, active & inactive content ,view content80
Add New content
Add content for each topic
Edit content
Delete content
Test ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/SearchQuestions listing, active & inactive questions80
Add New Questions
And question, question type, explanation, etc.
Edit Questions
Delete Questions
Student ManagementEdit/Delete/List/SearchStudent Listing,active/inactive student, view student details18
Edit student
Delete student
Parent ManagementEdit/Delete/List/SearchParent Listing,active/inactive parent, view parent details18
Edit Parent
Delete Parent
Contest ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/SearchContest Listing,active & inactive contest,view contest's questions,View results45
Add New Contest
ad contest title,image or video start/end datetime,Grade, subject, covered Chapters,eligibility etc.
Edit contest
Delete contest
Contest Question ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/SearchContest Question Listing32
Add New Contest Questions
add mcq questions, answers etc.
Edit contest questions
Delete contest questions
Payments ManagementList/ViewListing all user payment details32
Contact Us ManagementList/Viewlisting of the messages received from the user12
show the name of User/ parent, contact number and message received from the user
CMS ManagementAdd/Edit/Delete/List/SearchCMS Listing20
Add New CMS
add title,code,page etc.
Edit CMS
Delete CMS
ReportWill decide while development phase32
Site SettingsEditEdit site setting18
Student Application - Android/iOS
SignupRegister with mobile number40
Create profileEnter profile details
Verify Mobile numberEnter profile details
Select GradeEnter profile details
LoginLogin with Mobile number verification16
Forgot password
My ProfileView/ Edit ProfileEdit profile information40
Parent connectConnect to parent app Generate OTP
Invite friendInvite friends
Get free trial to courses
Buy coursesPurchase package
Home screenView Subjects32
Bottom Menu
Subject Detail ScreenChaptersView chapter wise score and progress bar120
TopicsView Topic wise score and progress bar
View all content in a topic
TestsTake test
View results & correct answers
Re Attempt the test
QuestionsType of questions are MCQs & comprehension type
QuizzoPlay quiz with friend"View friends
Select subject
Select friend
send invitation
Play quiz
Win trophy
Play quiz with AloneSelect subject Play Quiz
ScoreView score of opponent
Winner will get 1 trophy
Each question will be for 15 sec.
max. 10 question for quiz
ContestUpcoming contestTime based Chapter wise contest
Show instructions
Live contestShow result
Show correct answers
Check eligibility
Appear in contest
Previous contestView results
Practise contest
View correct answers
PaymentOnline Payment for particular GradeStudent will have access to Grade content for that academic year40
Free trial period
ChatsCreate friendsSend/ Accept friend request
Unfriend option
Search new friends
ChatTextual chat
View profile information
Search friends
Push notification32
Contact us4
Parent Application - Android/iOS
Sign upRegister with mobile number16
LoginLogin with Mobile number10
Forgot password
Connect studentConnect Multiple student
Switch student to view report
NotificationsStudent's activity notification32
ProfileChange password6
View student profile28
Student reportChaptersView Student
report Scores & time spent
PaymentMake payment for connected studentsStudent will have access to Grade content for that academic year24
Contact us4
Business Analyst80
Database Design40
Application Design120
Web service350
Project Management150
Quality Assurance260
Server Setup and Configuration40
Total Estimated Hours

If you're looking to develop an eLearning app, it's important to know the required technology stack to make sure your app functions smoothly. There are a variety of frameworks and languages available to make your app work, synchronize, and run across both web and mobile platforms. With the right technologies and frameworks, you can ensure that your eLearning app is optimized and runs efficiently. To give you a better idea, here's a quick sneak-peek of the technologies you'll need to consider for the development of your eLearning app.

For Android


For Backend


For iOS


BYJU'S is India's largest education technology company. It aims to provide highly adaptive, engaging, and effective learning programs to students.

Byju's has improvised the way students access education and gain knowledge. Unlike other e-learning apps, BYJU's has reinvented how students learn in the age of mobile devices. With the BYJU'S, you get an approach that is combined with world-class teachers, proven pedagogical methods, innovative technology, and data science to deliver a personalized learning experience to students across the globe.

It has been designed to explore the future of education and provides an integrated platform for the benefit of educational entities like students, faculty, schools, and other educational institutes. Byju's offers an amazing platform to the users where they can enjoy the gamification of the education, and increase their interest and engagement further. The technical expertise behind BYJU'S helped various educational institutes & training centers.

A mobile app can be built into a super-successful formula, with the integration of an improvised set of technology and trending methods. However, these factors, give a trigger to the app development cost to a larger extent. Find out more about those factors that can increase the cost of development of an app like BYJU's.

Interactive classes

Guidance for competitive exam

Free of costs videos on general knowledge and current affairs

Suitable subscription offers

Chat/messaging service to get immediate support

Use of modern digital animation & illustration

Developing mobile apps requires meticulous research about a particular idea. You have an idea, but transforming them into a virtual platform requires various aspects to come into practice. And while practicing such factors, you must consider the facts behind, as they influence the development cost to a larger extent.

Highly experienced & dedicated E-Learning app developers at WebClues Infotech are well aware of the ins and outs of the e-learning app solutions and promise to provide incomparable education application development solutions at affordable prices.


The platform becomes an important and primary aspect of app development. You need to research and understand which is the most preferred platform by your audience. Pick the most suitable platform as per your target audience.

Functions and Features

The functions and features are very important in application development planning. An application without good & latest features cannot sustain in the market. The features keep renewing to draw the attention of the user. So pick a balanced approach that can help your app to grow and provide a scope to add new and interesting features in the app.


App hosting is an important step because that makes it live for the general public to download. Select the best hosting platform that will fill the requirements of your users and helps your app portal to run smoothly.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX affects the cost to a greater extent, but picking the right strategy and designer will help you to attract a larger number of audiences. Also, a great design works in your favor and help your users to stay glued to your app and become loyal customers.


Security is the major concern that must be addressed well in your mobile app. Take every required measure to ensure seamless security for your mobile app. Though the effective security methods consume money but take them as an investment for your app.

Company or a freelancer

Hiring a freelancer might sound very appealing, as you tend to spend less in the development cost, but you must know that a proven skilled app development company comes with experience and expertise to handle your app requirements. So, make a wise decision and select the experienced company over a cheap freelancer.

The cost of developing an E-learning app depends on various factors such as the complexity of the app, number of features, set of technology to be integrated, number of third-party APIs that are going to be a part of the app, etc. Further, the cost also depends on the educational app development company that you partner with.

• In North America, it will cost you around $60-$250 per hour.
• In Europe, it will cost you around $40-$120 per hour.
• In India, it will cost you around $15-$40 per hour.

By associating with the right eLearning app development company, like WebClues Infotech, you can develop an app like Byju's, with a user-centric approach, and can turn app development a profitable investment for your business.


The creation of an eLearning app is not an easy task as it requires a lot of research and knowledge of the arena. An e-learning portal offers a plethora of learning opportunities to your kids and helps them realize their dreams. Hence, every part must be well thought and engaging to help users to understand the concept of learning effortlessly.

We at WebClues Infotech hold a great reputation in the field of mobile app development and we have developed some of the most scalable app solutions in this field. We're committed to building feature-rich and high-quality standard mobile app solutions.


We have a deep understanding of our customers’ business. We focus on achieving customer-centricity by delivering our services within time and with the utmost quality.

Yes, an e-learning app must be built for multiple platforms, since it is not certain that which all type of students will access your app, and which all devices they would be using. Therefore, the multi-platform feature will help your app to grow popular among the wider user-base.

There are several trending technologies that can enhance the eLearning experience for students and educators, including: artificial intelligence (AI) for personalized learning, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) for immersive experiences, gamification for engagement, cloud computing for scalability and accessibility, and mobile technologies for anytime, anywhere learning. Additionally, blockchain technology can be used for secure data management and certification. The implementation of these technologies can make eLearning more interactive, personalized, and efficient for all involved.

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