Why we require a Mobile App for Hotel Booking?

Yet, do we truly require mobile applications for a reservation industry if travel offices can do all the work for us? My answer is yes thus will be yours before the finish of this blog. Simply investigate surprising measurements underneath:

The “eTravel” market is growing over 10% every year! What does it mean for inn hotel owners and entrepreneurs It implies that modern individuals truly value their flexibility so they need to have control over all that they do. Furthermore, travelling isn’t a special case.

These days explorers have a considerable measure of alternatives to design travels the way they need it. Which spots to visit, where to stay, how to arrive – these and undeniably inquiries can be comprehended just by utilizing a cell phone. How might you transform this tech inclination into your benefit? Make an hotel booking application! In spite of it might seem like a major assignment for the time being, we will audit the entire procedure in pieces. We should kick it off!

The Basics of Hotel Booking App Development, one must know

Before beginning to create an mobile application there are a few things to consider.

First Pick an idea:

Before beginning a reservation application advancement you should consider application’s idea. By and large, there are 3 distinct methodologies that characterize your business thought behind Hotel application development. Along these lines, you can either:

1. Make a booking aggregator
2. Create an app for your own hotel chain
3. Last minute booking app

Let’s take a closer look!

1. Booking aggregator: The best example of this kind of app Trivago which collects and compare prices of different hotels for a particular location. More useful people who are planning their holidays in advance.

2. Mobile App for a particular Hotel Chain: Marriott and Hilton chain of hotels have their own app. Useful idea for big players who can constantly invest and enhance their mobile app features.

3. Last minute booking app: Goibibo, MakeMyTrip are the best example for this type of concept. If consumer want to book quick weekend getaway.

Select Location which you want to focus.

Another vital point one must consider before building up your own booking application is to select region of your business. There are two possible options one can opt for:

1. Run your application Globally

2. Focus locally

Obviously, it’s smarter to cover more number of nations and cities as you can. The bigger network of hotel offerings you have in your portfolio a consumer is likely to use it multiple times in a year.
If you decide to make a booking app for your own chain of hotel then its smarter to start with hotels located locally and when one has mastered this part with frequent feedbacks and enhancements. Then one should expand it reach to Global locations as well.

Some of the key features of Hotel Booking App:

1. Search
Generally , there are 3 criteria that users can usually choose at the first glance:

  • location (a city they are going to visit);
  • date (a period of time between arrival and departure);
  • number of persons (they are usually divided into adults/children/pets categories).

2. Filters and Sorting
Filters can be applied to set an affordable price range, minimum user rating and so on.
Sorting feature must also be given to sort hotels from lowest to highest price range, ratings, number reviews and vice versa.

3. Detailed Hotel Description

What does your user expect to see there? Our answer is:

  • At a Glance – includes all the basic info about a hotel (like its address, check-in and check-out time etc).
  • Image Gallery  – This section allows creating a visual representation of room facilities.
  • Accommodation offers – a list of available rooms with photos, descriptions and prices.
  • Extra amenities – Amenities like Wi-Fi and parking space are valuable to catch attention of consumer.
  • Reviews & Ratings – a block with reviews from other users ang their given ratings.
  • Map – It shows the location of the hotel and its areas in its vicinity.
  • Social sharing – a quick and easy way to share a hot offer with your friends.

4. Payment Gateway integration

All sort of available payment gateways and wallets must be integrated. Consumers must feel ease while paying for hotel booking. According to one study a good checkout design can increase conversion ratio upto 25%.

Hotel booking app development seems like a good idea for a startup in 2018. One should start from basic idea and while taking high level after several iterations product must be documented in detail.The FrontEnd part of the app will cost you approximately $7000 per platform.