One as an entrepreneur might have got inspiration from many successful businessmen who came up with a unique idea, who followed some pattern to get success or some who actually came up with a business plan, an idea out of the actual need a person face in the real world. Well, you will find hundreds of people who come up with similar generic ideas, some with existing platforms with few unique features and few with total exception concept. Nowadays it is becoming a trend where many of us want to develop our own business in one or the other way. So as an upcoming trendsetter, have you analyzed the market, ongoing trends, actual daily problems, viable solutions before investing into a startup?

It needs a thought process before investing a huge amount in a portal. Many of us might have invested enough to get their dream come true with EXCEPTIONAL designs by AMAZING firms into the industry. Have you ever thought that is it sufficient just by giving your idea a well-decorated skeleton? Sometimes you will get, yes but majorly no. It is not sufficient. It needs some important other steps to be taken care for a grand acceptance by people.

It is not always the same to be followed for each and every idea or easy to define it but I have tried to list few generic steps on the basis of my experience in the web and mobile app development industry where every day we meet and communicate with persons coming up with unique ideas. Some of them have got success and some didn’t.

1. First and the important is, one should be clear on what they want exactly which can suffice the need. If you’re clear then you will have the ease to understand the steps to be followed in the process.

2. Once the flow is clear, you will have to check on required features to make it function. Each and every feature has to maintain the flow and it should be related.

3. You can get suggestions or consult some technical experts to verify if everything is a suitable fit followed by the steps of the process. There are millions of the web, mobile and software agencies that can assist you.

4. Next, it would be dressing your platform. Designs should be simple, attractive and enhance the needful features guiding the flow of the system. A good UI/UX is a MUST.

5. Building a platform from SEO point of view is also necessary for making it a BRAND. Your content should include highly searched, well-known and good volume keywords so that it can grab a Google listing easily.

6. Opting for a marketing team is also must. Your platform needs good marketing and brand-awareness campaigns for making it a success. This has to be followed in order to make people aware of its existence.

7. After all these steps if the platform is about to launch, you should be sure about everything working fine and well tested before it goes into the hands of end users. It’s somewhere true, “FIRST IMPRESSION, LAST IMPRESSION”

8. Taking feedbacks and reviews from the customers is not new now. Taking them actually into the consideration and working on it for a better experience to overcome the issues is also necessary.

9. Focus on ratings, reviews, feedbacks to make it a final product what actually requires is a way to success. This makes the customer happy and feels valued which is the ultimate key to a successful business.

I have tried to cover many of the important aspects which are generic to be taken care. It may vary according to the need and business plan.