We have become so much dependent upon technology that the moment our cell phone gets disappeared we become as if we have lost the glimpse of God itself.

Let us assume, I forgot to take my cell phone when I’m going to meet my girlfriend. What will be the scenario in that case? What will be my condition? I will have a slight trace of panic coming in my subconscious mind and my thoughts would be something like this.

Where have I left my mobile phone? Will I get all information back like all the address books of my friends and colleagues? What will happen if someone calls me? What if any of my relatives or anybody needs my help? I would not be able to check my important mails. What if my Boss called me up to inform something about important meetings? I need this piece of magical man made instrument to remain connected.

All of a sudden what I realized. We used to live without it in our childhood days but we were much more productive then. There were few resources but we tried to live a whole life in those moments.

I agree we live in an age where we need to be connected to everyone, everywhere but again do we need so. What will happen if we actually gave ourselves the permission to disconnect?

All these thoughts gave me the courage to come to a conclusion. I had been living with my mobile phone even without all those advanced mobile apps for more than 25 years approximately so how can I not live without it for just five hours. Believe me I actually felt relieved now; I was thinking that I will be able to meet people face to face.

This gave me a miraculous experience as well as lesson, “We need to disconnect really in order to reconnect.” Disconnecting allowed us to be present. We can have a deep, meaningful conversation if we don’t look at our mobile phones in between.

I agree Facebooking is important but it was not important than my existence. When I have given time to someone we need to be present with him or her physically as well as mentally. We need to have a better eye contact when we are speaking to someone and it was only possible when my mind was not distracted by the latest ringtones.

We are just a human being. Who says we need to be present all the time everywhere.

Are we living in an age of urgency? Where is the rule written that we need to be everywhere? Who says we need to be in a hurry? (Doctors are exceptions here)

It is we who have made ourselves a slave of technology. It is just a personal interpretation. We don’t call this statement universally true at any point of time.

One thing more we would like to add. We think that we are very important but it is not so actually we are not as important as we think we are! There is an oxymoron in that. We live in this dilemma throughout our life.

So, many hours passed I was without the cell phone. There were just two messages and that two were company’s promotional messages. Everything was fine from the grace of God. We had a happy ending.