Creating fully-interactive high-fidelity prototypes: A guide to Prototype design

How to ace the prototyping process?

What Industry Trends can Shape Consumer Expectations?

Before you dive into building your prototype, it’s important that you do a little bit of investigation to understand what consumers have become accustomed to in your industry and how your product can help them trigger the user-experience.

Who Exactly Is Your Consumer?

When a new project is started you must know that which type of audience it is going to be made for, and what is the demand of that audience base. This will help you to design your prototype for a niche audience base, while infusing the personalized experience into it.

Which Features Are The Most Important?

You must know and identify the right number of features to be integrated within the product, and unnecessary or excessive feature that can clutter the user-experience must be eliminated at this stage. This will help you prioritize the right functionalities to be instilled within your app portal.

What problems this product is likely to solve?

Every product is made for solving certain users’ issues, hence you must know beforehand that which type of issues users are facing and how the said product would help them release from the user experience spectrum.

Is there any similar product available in the market?

It is not surprising to know that if there are similar projects existing in the market already, the only effort you need to invest herein is to figure out that what similar features or the functionalities are there, which can be worked upon to make your product look different and unique.

What would be the deliverables?

Every product is different from other, and you cannot expect it proceed ahead with the same strategies and the methodologies, and in this run the very fact of deliverables also remain different. Hence you must identify that whether it would be simply an app or a web portal as well.

We help you craft a prototype

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  • Understand The Problem

This is the first step in creating a quality app, you must identify the problem and the requirement, and accordingly plan your prototype. You must figure out the key functionality requirements as well.

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  • Create Sketches Of The Primary Screens

Start thinking through the user experience and craft the user experience by beginning with the rough sketches, to understand how the primary screens should look and feel.

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  • Turn Sketches Into Wireframes

A wireframe is a low-fidelity, simplified outline of your product which consists of boxes, words, lines and sometimes descriptions. It is the framework of how & where your app will look.

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  • Convert Wireframes Into A Prototype

Transform the low-fidelity wireframes into a basic prototype and share it ahead with your target audience & friends to help them understand and give feedback on the app.

Tools for prototyping

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  • Invision
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  • MarvelApp
Let’s make something together.

Some Facts About Us

Unlike our competitors, we always remain ready to discuss with our clients. This helps us to stay on the same page with our clients and help in generating many innovative and magnificent ideas. Along with this, our team always applies brainstorming tactics directed towards creative process, team building and problem solving, so ultimately your business gets higher ROI.

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We at WebClues Infotech have always strived to be the Best Prototype App Design Company giving complete App solutions. Along with that as a mobile design company we’ve captured the market with innovative business solutions. Over the years we have made considerable steps towards achieving our aim of becoming one of the best IT company in India and the world.

How much will it cost to make a prototype design of my mobile app?

It will depend upon the complexity of the design of your project & requirement.

Which tools do you use for prototyping design?

We use various tools like InVision, Balsamiq, Flinto, Marvel Adobe XD, Sketch, Axure RP, etc.

What are the main geographical locations you serve?

We work with clients located globally.

Do you have dedicated UI/UX designers?

Yes, we do. We have dedicated UI/UX designers, who are experts in UX research, wireframing and UI prototyping, data visualization, web app design, mobile app design, interactive prototypes, dashboard design, etc.

Why do I choose WebClues Infotech for my mobile prototype design?

Our developers are highly experienced in designing solutions for the business of any domain. We believe that design is not about deliverables and beautiful pixels but about solving problems and achieving our client’s business goals.

What our client’s say..

Mike Lanzone
Mike Lanzone
CEO, Atlanta - USA
Mike LanzoneWhether it's Web or Mobile solution, their ability to start quickly and hit the ground running is outstanding. When it comes to work they are absolute professional.
Founder & CEO, UK
Founder & CEO, UK
Founder & CEO, UKThey do a fantastic job when it comes to create top-class Web or Mobile solution. They stick to their core values, and strive for perfection
Director of IT Solutions, Nashville - USA
StephenThey always come up with valuable insights. I appreciate their ongoing communication, it impressed me from the start.
Director, India
Director, India
Director, IndiaOur relationship was not purely commercial and transactional; they worked as part of my team. You will always feel at home as they are good at applying agile methodology.
Owner, UK
Owner, UK
Owner, UKFrom the day one they come up out of the box Mobile app design, which increases user engagement. They’ve had a huge impact on the launch of our product.
Founder & CEO, Australia
Founder & CEO, Australia
Founder & CEO, AustraliaI am glad that I choose WebClues as my Web and Mobile solution provider. They have hardworking and innovative people on board who make things happen.
CEO, Canada
CEO, Canada
CEO, CanadaWe were very pleased with their ability to turn our idea into a reality. They have got aced designers and developers who can boost customer engagement and bring on board new revenue channels.
CEO, Philippines
CEO, Philippines
CEO, PhilippinesI was amazed with fact that they converted my idea into reality with ease. The app was well-done and we are looking forward to the next project with them.
Business Owner – Greece
Business Owner - Greece
Business Owner – GreeceWe’ve been working with WebClues Infotech from long time now. They have great team of expert mobile apps developer.
Business Owner – South Africa
Business Owner - South Africa
Business Owner – South AfricaI would like to recommend WebClues Infotech company for app development. WebClues is a highly competent development company which delivered our software projects within our aggressive time-frame and budget.