Did you know that 75% of the users abandon your website if they do not have a good experience of the website when they access it from their mobile devices? With 2 billion people connected to the internet, responsive websites are the need of the hour! It becomes important for every business to have mobile-compatible website so that the website can be viewed well on all the mobile devices and tablets also.

Mobile Site
Mobile websites are designed for the small screen, keeping in mind the requirements of mobile users. If you want to reach a larger audience and turn them into customers, you should surely opt for a mobile website. Mobile ready website builds confidence in your brand.Mobile websites would load faster on the smartphones and tablets and would not turn your potential customers away. The customers accessing your website from their mobile devices would be able to buy your products 24 X 7 if you have an ecommerce website that is mobile-ready.


  • If you create multiple versions of your business website, it would be costly and tiresome. Mobile website
    would work seamlessly on all the devices.
  • Mobile-friendly websites are loved by Google and other search engines. As you would only need to optimize the
    content for one link, you can make improvements in SEO.
  • Mobile sites are specifically designed for mobile standards and optimal download speed. Hence, it means less
    waiting and more browsing would offer a great user experience.

Reasons to choose mobile sites

1. Your customers are mobile-ready. Are you?
Mobile searches are growing on a regular basis. It is assumed that there would be one mobile device for every person by 2015. Hence, it is high time that your business website should be mobile-ready.

2. Users expect your website to be compatible with their mobile devices
It’s a fact that 60% of the users expect the mobile website to load in three seconds or less. Only 72% of the users wait initially for more than 5 seconds for the site to load. Mobile site would help you attract new customers as well as maintain the existing ones.

3. Most of the customers shop online from their mobile devices
62% of the users prefer mobile sites for shopping rather than downloading the apps. If you have an ecommerce site, go mobile and make a huge difference to your online sales.

4. Without a mobile site, you’re helping your competitors make sales
Studies have shown that if the users have a bad experience at your website with their mobile phone, they would turn to your competitor’s site. If you don’t have a business site which is mobi-friendly, you’re losing a lot of business and allowing your competitors stay ahead in the race.

With so many benefits of mobile websites, you would surely need one for your business in order to stay ahead of the trend.