Website connects millions of people. We can share endless amount of information with the help of websites. The person behind the first website is supposed to be Tim Berners-Lee who changed the world by writing a few lines of code.Now, we are armed with websites which can be called a vital source of marketing. With a properly knitted website we could connect, generate leads, do e-commerce transactions and email our clients.

The buyer’s behavior has changed drastically in the last ten years. The buyers want to be educated and entertained. They are interested in having a delightful experience while visiting our website. Once they attain satisfaction at this level then their buying temptation gets activated. It has also been seen that we force the visitors to buy when they are not ready for it. There is one more problem we make getting right information tough for the inquisitive visitor of website. Over SEO may be behind it but visitors love simplicity and we need to understand it as a developer and as a business website owner.

Reasons for failure of Websites
Most websites fail because they don’t understand that every visitor have different needs. They could be a first time visitor or a repeated visitor. Both are at different stages of buying cycle. Then why should both of them be treated as same. If there could be any way by which we can keep track of our visitors and their needs then we can deliver a more personalized web experience.

The second drawback with most of the websites is that their content is focused on “me” instead of the actual customer. We need to see that our website does not take the form of a promotional brochure. Even if you have a good SEO strategy and an appealing design if you are not regularly feeding your website with user centric content then certainly you lack something. We need to understand the generic mantra behind the functionality of a website which is to attract visitors, convert leads and give a delightful experience to visitor with rich and valuable content. This can easily be done by offering fresh offers like guides, discounts, social conversation and other content assets. By doing so we will not have to rely on paid campaigns and our traffic will grow organically.

We can start an inbound marketing blog which will speak to audience. In this way we will have a subscriber base ready for us.

One thing we need to discuss at this junction of time is that most websites are ignoring mobiles. According to an estimate, more than 40% of users that come to a website which is not working well on mobile assume that the business is not caring. This makes a bad impression on a visitor.

Mobile optimization is really necessary if we need to survive in this mobile dominated world.Sometimes we are not able to take a right domain name. We need to understand that on web users will search “Best matrimony agency in London” they are not going to type your name say “”(as they don’t know your name) in the search engine so we need to be very careful while signing up for a domain.

Too many banner ads, colors, flashy text or external links also spoil the party sometimes. As people watch hundreds of ads everyday so they get bored of watching your ads. This is also one of the reasons why you website gets failed.