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Top IoT Trends That Will Be Dominating 2020

Top IoT Trends That Will Be Dominating 2020

The Internet of Things is rapidly changing the world. IoT is bringing a major impact on everything that we come across or do regularly. But, to understand how IoT is making a difference, we first need to understand about this booming technology.


IoT is a system that connects any device to other devices with the help of the Internet. You can understand it as a giant network of connected people and things that allow the exchange of information and data within the network.

The rapidly expanding network of IoT which encloses refrigerators, shops, houses, and everything that is seen around, is anticipated to only move forward. The best about IoT is that it does not require any manual interaction.

Knowing how grateful we are today by leveraging IoT in our lives, every tech professional including IoT app developers would want to know the upcoming trends of IoT. Below, we are going to discuss the top IoT app development trends that are expected to be seen in 2020.

1. Blockchain:

A technology that allows an individual or organization to complete a transaction without the need of any middleman. Blockchain or a way to record the transactions, digitally. The name comes from the structure wherein individual records or say, blocks are linked together in a single list called as chain. The transactions that are made on blockchain are completely secure. It is the strong code and encrypted system that ensures that no record of the transaction is altered.

So far, the technology has been used by many financial organizations, consumers, industrialists as well as the government bodies. Being one of the most popular trends, blockchain seems to have a lot of potential in building technical devices and bringing advancements. It will also remain popular among IoT app developers in 2020 and beyond.

2. Smart Homes:

Though, the technology and trend of smart homes were not accepted well initially. However, after practical application, these smart devices seem to offer great assistance to users in routine life. The devices such as Google Home & Alexa & iRobot has become a blessing today and will continue to remain that way in 2020.

Not only these smart devices offer great comfort but also provide the required security and safety to the family.

3. Personalized Retail System:

The IoT trends or IoT app development in the future are going to make the supply chain easy and convenient. It will simplify the shopping experience making it easy for customers to make online purchases. Internet of Things as a robust technology can bring personalized retail experience for the customer and one way to render that is through mobile app development.

By hiring an IoT app developer, the companies can increase the possibilities of innovation and move a step forward in selling experience. IoT enabled applications can have sensors and beacons that improvises the era of shopping and attract customers from all categories.

4. Resource Management:

Considering the high demand for energy panel tools and products, IoT tends to fill the gap. Energy can be well-managed if the resources are monitored in the right way. The IoT apps work exceptionally as they send notifications when the use of resources gets exceeded from the limit Subsequently, the other features of IoT applications such as indoor temperature management can simplify the lives of people to a great extent.

5. Health Monitoring:

One sector that will experience the best of IoT technology in 2020 is healthcare. Configuring healthcare devices with IoT makes it easy to track a patient’s health and assist doctors. Today, there are several health applications and virtual assistants available to monitor the health of a patient without even stepping out of the home.

Not only people are using it due to its benefits but also will be one of rising IoT trends in the coming future. Therefore, a series of other intelligent connected devices will help in reshaping the healthcare industry.

6. Software-As-A-Service:

Software-as-a-service (SAAS) is a service model that hosts the desired application and makes it available for the customer’s online use. This helps companies in outsourcing software applications.

The service model has also become the preferred choice of the IT gaming sector. With the rising trend of SaaS, the field of technology will seem to boom and experience a lot of advancements.

7. Smart Cities:

Cities are facing unprecedented growth, bringing more challenges as they are also aiming to remain healthy and safe for people. As a solution, IoT app development will lead to new opportunities; it leverages data to manage traffic, reduce pollution, and ensure the safety of citizens.

IoT brings in planned vision due to the exchange of right data between private and public organizations. Therefore, the integration of IoT within cities is like a step towards sustainable development and growth.

8. Predictive Maintenance:

Offering best uses for the industries, predictive maintenance seems to offer one of the most promising sides of the Internet of Things.

With the help of predictive maintenance technologies, it becomes easy to evaluate the condition of machines. For example, if the machine needs repair or maintenance the message is conveyed right before you realize it. As a result, it promotes cost-saving as you will put a machine to repair or maintenance only when needed.

Final Thought:

These were some of the trends that will dominate the IoT app development in the year 2020. It is anticipated that the consumers, as well as industries, will witness great advances in the devices thus bringing a great difference to the lives of people. However, the pros of IoT app development are followed by the cons wherein the business owners need to parallelly design the strategies to protect the devices against malicious activities.

If you are someone who wishes to deep dive into the world of IoT, the possibilities of innovation are endless. Hire an IoT app development company and get a functioning IoT mobile app built as per your choice.

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Ayush Kanodia

As one of the esteemed Directors of WebClues Infotech. Ayush Kanodia is passionate about delivering innovative IT services & solutions and has spearheaded numerous successful projects, cementing the company's position as a leader in the field.


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