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Top Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) trends for 2020

Top Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) trends for 2020

Artificial Intelligence has now become predictable. This is because the technology is formulated with robots. With passing years, there has been the development of machine learning and AI technologies. You will be able to see the same with the commencement of new platforms, applications and tools. Science and developers are curating intelligent machines that will mimic how humans function.  

For instance, AI in the form of Machine Learning with hyper automation and edge computing can be formulated together. The result will help in the integration of smart buildings and city spaces. AI is that trojan horse that has the flexibility to augment.

With 2020 knocking at the doors, we can visualise artificial intelligence trends coming up in different organizations and cultures. Here are some of the top artificial intelligence technologies that will dominate 2020.  


Hyperautomation functions with the application of advanced technologies. This includes AI and ML. Hyperautomation offers a myriad of tools that can be automated and also helps in different process of automation. This further includes, discover, analyse, design, automate, measure and monitor.  This technology paves the way for the development of the digital twin of the organization(DTO). Hyperautomation includes the combinations of tools. There are robotic process automation, intelligent business management software and AI that will help in effective AI-drive decision making. The DTO further becomes an important part of the hyper-automation process. It offers real-time support for the organization and also resulted in oriented opportunities.  

Meeting of Blockchain, IoT and AI:

Creating a positive impact, AI needs to be integrated with other emerging technologies. For example, self-driven vehicles might not make much sense without IoT working with AI. The IoT gets activated. The regulation of the sensors in cars tends to acquire real-time data. On the other hand, AI models will help the vehicle to make the right decision. In the same way, Blockchain will be working closely with AI for addressing security and scalability.  

AI-Driven Media:

When it comes to understanding the facts of creative industries, AI ranks the top. And the ranking goes upwards in 2020. Speaking of the mobile app development for gaming and video arena, costing is high. If you are choosing to make use of AI trends, it could be beneficial for the users as well as for the app developers. AI plays a significant role in the formulation of stories, production, scriptwriting as well as acting.  

Acquiring Real-time customer interactions:

As we are moving closer to 2020, enhanced marketing techniques are becoming real-time. Most of them are driven by AI and machine learning trends. With the implementation of AI, organizations can acquire real-time customer interactions. And that too on a global scale.  

Another additional benefit will be taking up professional artificial intelligence development services. It will further help in the improvement of customer retention. Apart from improving customer interactions, AI will help marketers to target a new audience.  

AI Assistance Are Taking Over:

You see most of the renowned businesses or brands are adopting the use of AI assistances. They are streamlined and automate mundane customer services. Some of the popular assistances that we are aware of are Siri, Bixby, Alexa and Cortana.  

The increasing number of companies takes help from artificial intelligence Development Company for handling such tasks. Getting towards 2020, there will be more development of such AI assistances. Sources predict that half of the searches over an online platform will be carried out through voice assistants.  

Facial Recognition:

One of the most trusted forms of biometric authentications is Facial Recognition. With the massive improvement in this department, the implementation of AI seems perfect. The accuracy and readability of AI have enhanced with the course of years. Moving into 2020, we are expecting a precision in the usage of facial recognition technology.  

Automation Process In Offices:

By 2020, AI is going to eliminate nearly 1.8 million jobs, globally. With AI ruling the online market, jobs like customer support, research and other specific jobs might be on the issue of getting biased. As per Gartner's predictions, AI will replace nearly 2.3 million jobs. It will further discredit the assumptions that AI will be taking away human jobs.  

The enhanced proficiency has mainly resulted in the vacancy of more jobs with higher compensation. As for 2020, AI automation will help in the development of more job in distinctive sectors. This might includes areas such as retail, manufacturing, banking and insurance.  

Biased Data:

Throughout the last few years, some businesses have relied on machine learning trends and models. They have chosen the pathway to make important decisions like hiring and mortgage loan approval. This plan or trend has lead to biased data.  

Let's take a simple example. The traditional form of employment data formulated that women are promoted less than men. Issues like this might engage a discriminatory AI-based application.  

Taking Over Cyber-Security Systems:

The increasing level of cyberattacks is outpacing the existing defensive measure. And to be honest, humans are in no match to present day's cyber tricks. Cyber-threat is a proactive approach that will help in detecting the malicious attacker. This will further help in the prevention of such activities.  

And only, for this reason, AI systems will play a huge role in the management of these attacks. With the use of machine learning trends, organizations will be able to detect such security breaches without any hindrances.

Disrupting Traditional Industries:

A large number of organizations are realising that AI is the most survival kit. With the commencement of self-driving cars, traditional auto manufacturers need to grow. Else it might occur that they are becoming irrelevant.  

AI experts like Google are finding it very important to become consumers or form alliance with AI startups. It is evident that the success of such organizations as possible on their availability. They will curate the right trends and techniques for human resource for disruption.  

Privacy and Policy:

The launch of GDPR is one of the main privacy and policy conversational factors that continued in 2019. In 2020, there might be increased concern about safeguarding individual’s safety and privacy. Some of the stated reasons have been processed by the latest development in the AI sector.  

People are still not aware of how companies are using their information. The complication rises by the laws implemented around the peripherals of AI. There are reputable tools like MAC and PC also Android Cleaners. All of these tools come with privacy protection specifications.  


AI is still not known to many people. But it is creating a huge impact on different industries and departments. This includes enhancement in security, human resources, health and science. The possibility of the improvement of AI trends will be expanding in 2020. If you are also delving into adopting the AI trends, you should seek the help and support of reputed AI Development Company.  

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Ayush Kanodia

As one of the esteemed Directors of WebClues Infotech. Ayush Kanodia is passionate about delivering innovative IT services & solutions and has spearheaded numerous successful projects, cementing the company's position as a leader in the field.


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