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Top Magento ECommerce Development Trends to Look Out For in 2020

Top Magento ECommerce Development Trends to Look Out For in 2020


Magento is very successful worldwide in the eCommerce arena and it is constantly raising its standards because it is free and adaptable. It has complete authority to any hosting service and it comes with exclusive features for any business requirements. It is very easy in implementing difficult templates using easy variants.

After the launch of Magento 2.3.1, Magento is in the race of keeping all the corners untouched to increase its customer base. In a split of a second, Google shows about 5,30,00,000 results for Magento. Because of the accessibility of huge online data, the range of its offerings, as well as its coverage of more than 1.5 billion websites, Magento is ready to unbox the top Magneto development trends of the year 2020.

The year 2020 is about to start so, the time has come to understand more about the Magento eCommerce development and top eCommerce development trends of Magento.

Let’s take a look at the top Magneto development trends which will take the Magento eCommerce development services to a completely new level in the coming year 2020. Whether if you have a start-up or you are already in the eCommerce pool, just check out the top Magneto development trends of the year 2020:

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

The ground-breaking technology of AI or Artificial Intelligence has never allowed showing its capability using real-world applications. People are interested in AI because they need personalization and AI works for them well. People are interested in devices, which can easily solve their problems and talk with them!

AI has a very important role to play in the eCommerce business. It simplifies the shopping procedure for the customers by suggesting those items depending on their earlier shopping as well as searching patterns.

Just think about that, all the top product results are shown on the top of a page that you are searching for! How exciting it seems?

Personalized Experience is the Key

With the growing competition in Magento eCommerce development, the market is overflowed with the customers, who are looking for a personalized and innovative experience.

People want to get personalized listings of products, offers, messages, and discounts. Fulfilling the customers’ hopes is today’s need and if you are unable to do so, you will be out of the race!

Any professional Magento eCommerce development company offers you the features for providing customer-specific offers and discounts. It helps in drawing the right kind of audiences depending on the shopping styles.

Chatbots are emerging

Chatbots are applied to practice in nearly all the business domains by Magento eCommerce development companies. If you have any doubts, you can recall the last visit of any eCommerce website. A tiny pop-up comes to the right-hand side of your screen at the bottom, asking for a chat. These tiny pop-ups are Chatbots.

Chatbot technology is booming globally because it has reduced customer care costs considerably. ECommerce giant Amazon is using this service to the maximum and it’s certainly the demand for the year 2020.

The Intelligence of Organic Search

The year 2020 is eagerly knocking your doors with the organic searches. Smart breadcrumbs, intelligent auto-complete tasks, as well as multiple filter alternatives are some of the important components anticipated to get employed.

In case, you are completely new to the eCommerce industry or already involved in it, you need to think about every possible alternative for making the user navigation better.

The eCommerce business completely relies on the customer’s experience. So, thinking from the customer’s perspective will grow customer engagement, which results in increased sales.

The trend of the intelligent organic search will be in the top eCommerce development trends for 2020 because smart searches always drive higher customer engagement.

Push Notifications are Very Effective

If your aim is to get the maximum reach of your customers, then use push notifications in your strategies. Push notifications have wonderful capabilities to get incredible sales.

You can shoot the push notifications get relaxed because you won’t get spammed.

Just make your clients feel important and special by notifying them about the discounts and the latest offers.

Responsiveness of Micro Interactions

It’s time to provide your users with top-notch experiences using responsive interactions. You can provide the feel of human interaction by giving a personalized touch and engage them with your website.

By providing greetings to them on different occasions or just on their visit can make a huge difference. Adopting the conceptual method of micro-interaction allures your customers as well as engages them.

Giving acknowledgment to your customers on all occasions and visits can provide you more and more conversions.

Influence of Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling means website layouts, which faces the slower speed when showing the background of a web page than the forefront, making a 3D effect whereas scrolling the website.

If you are having a clear view of your product inventory, which you will increase in a long time, then you need parallax scrolling.

As we have become more worried about the UX or user experience, the scrolling needs to be a striking factor of any size.

While using Magento eCommerce development, this scrolling will extemporize the storytelling in a short time for using an enormous amount of data.

Therefore, if you want an engaging UX that provides a wonderful scrolling experience, then Parallax Scrolling is waiting for you!

The ‘Going Live’ Feature

As Instagram and Facebook got updated using the ‘going live’ feature, Magento eCommerce development services have understood the significance of this feature in Magento eCommerce development as well. If you add live videos into your Magento eCommerce site, you will get more engagement, attention, and fame. It becomes possible with redirecting the viewers straight from your social media pages to your eCommerce store to skyrocket sales.

Wrapping up!

Magento eCommerce Development has a wonderful capability of accommodating all the updates that market witnesses. With the ability and open-source structures of Magento, businesses familiarize and improvise online sales to increase the profits.

The top Magneto development trends mentioned here will rule the year 2020 because it helps you take full-fledged benefits of Magento eCommerce development for creating feature-enriched websites and offer a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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Vedansh Kanodia

Vedansh Kanodia

Vedansh Kanodia, a dynamic Business Development Executive at WebClues Infotech, is a passionate technocrat who helps businesses embrace innovation, and unlock new possibilities with his valuable perspectives.





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