The current market is slowly evolving into a virtual marketplace. Companies are finding new innovative ways to enhance their online presence to attract customers. With increasing number of users who have quick access to the internet, it has become important to have an online presence in order to get the best results and continuous growth.

Digital Marketing Companies thus becoming a top priority nowadays. With the advancements in technologies, a lot of social media platforms have gained momentum and are at the center of the digital marketing. Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat attract millions of user and thus are the best way to reach the users. So to stay apace with the ever changing environment of online platforms innovative digital marketing strategies should be applied.

This blog covers some of the best digital marketing strategies in 2017 which every company should apply for their growth in the virtual world.

Augmented reality and virtual reality is the future. It is the most promising technology in the field of business applications. For example, a realtor can show the whole apartment he/she wants to sell to a client while they are sitting in his office. The client can get a virtual tour of the whole place without even going there. The Same way a clothing store can give the customers a look at what the finished product will look to give them a better idea of their purchase. AR/VR has unlimited potential and to conquer the digital world this is the step forward.

In-store technology
A survey says that over 80% people use their phones while they are in the store shopping for something. Normally in store technology would be different to virtual one but given that we are in the age of mobiles and internet the line between the physical and virtual is thin. Using location based mobile alerts marketers can tap increase the flow of customers to stores by giving offers based on in store locations.

Wearable Mobile Devices
The current market is shifting towards wearable mobile devices. Much like mobile phones wearable devices is slowly carving out its own space in the world market. With companies like Apple and Samsung joining in the race to provide state of the art wearable mobile devices it is time to make platforms suitable for them as well. The websites and applications need to be made in a way that is usable by wearable devices and is optimized so that the user does not have any hassle while using them and hence can help increase the flow of sales as well.

Interactive Videos
The current digital world relies on quick interactive snippets of data to capture the imagination of a normal user. Viral videos, vines and snap stories capture more audience than any other form of marketing. Hence they too have become an integral part of digital marketing trends.

These are the four biggest trends in 2017 and by using these key marketing ideas we can ensure that your business is at the top of the digital marketing food chain. Using these new technologies companies can stay ahead of the curve and thus attract more customers.