WordPress was launched in 2003 – a flexible content publishing platform which have been downloaded more than 60 million times till now. The popularity of content management systems enlighten the usage of plug-ins with which users can work best in improving the SEO of their site. To control over the comments, spam and article have now been easy with this tool.

1. All in One SEO Pack
With Michael Torbert’s ‘All in One SEO Pack’ one can make the title, homepage description and keywords that can easily seen on the Web browser. You only need to take care is to maintain the keyword density. By any instance, if Google finds that you are using black hat SEO strategy than your site may get penalized.

2. Broken Link Checker
Do you want to check where are the broken links available on your website? With Janis Elsts’s Broken Line checker you can scan your website providing a list of the broken links. Also, you can replace all the broken links found by the Broken Link Checker making your website search engine friendly.

3. Dagon Design Sitemap Generator
Do you want to make a customized sitemap for your website? The Dagon Design sitemap plugin generates the sitemap that can help search engine spiders reach your content. This tool provides support to permalinks, various categories and pages. Also, you can make a setting which links should be displayed along with that order.
In short, it provides all that you need to increase the chances of searching your site for people as well as search engines.

4. Google XML Sitemaps for Videos
Do you want to be sure that your videos are indexed on all the search engines? Google XML Sitemaps for Videos plugin makes your videos searchable through the sitemap generated from the embedded YouTube videos in the blog posts.

5. SEO Friendly Images
Vladimir Prelovac’s “SEO Friendly Images” is designed to optimize the images with the required attributes like TITLE and ALT. Whenever a visitor hovers over the image, a title is popped up. This title is generated by the TITLE attribute. Being the most important attribute of SEO, ALT is used to generate description to search engines that can match the input of the search query.