What are the key benefits of Laravel Framework?

What are the key benefits of Laravel Framework?

Laravel is a PHP MVC framework that speeds up the development procedure with its exquisite and straightforward simple syntax pattern, database migration and schema builder tools, simple and secure authentication mechanism, and many more. This is the thing that makes Laravel the best PHP framework. It has been 6 years after the initial arrival of Laravel, and from that point forward it has overwhelmed the web-world. PHP is a language which is very unique and dynamic in itself and with the assistance of Laravel, it has turned out to be great and less complex. There are many versions of Laravel effectively accessible and the most recent version is 5.6, which has been released on 7th February 2018. Despite the fact that Laravel is only 6 years of age in the market, it has conveyed numerous advancements to the PHP community . With each new version, it is revealing new creative highlights to the engineers, making their undertakings significantly less demanding. It likewise deals with the security issues. Laravel was made to reinforce security, accelerate database migration without data loss, and make the whole procedure of making a web application a considerably less complex procedure. 1. Template engine: Laravel framework has in-built lightweight layouts with which one can make astounding designs with dynamic content seeding. It has numerous widgets including JS and CSS code with strong structures. The formats of these frameworks are intended to fabricate a straightforward design with various sections. 2. Artisan: A developer needs to more often connect with the Laravel framework utilizing a command line that makes and handles the Laravel project environment. Laravel gives built-in command line tool called Artisan. This tool enables us to play out the dominant part of those redundant and monotonous programming tasks that developers generally avoids to do manually. Artisan can be used to make a skeleton code, the database structure and construct their migration which turns out to be easy to manage database system. It can likewise be used to create the MVC files directly through the command line and deal with those assets and their respective configurations. Artisan gives us a chance to make our own particular commands and do advantageous things. Finally, we can likewise perform Unit tests for our application through this. 3. Smooth ORM (Object-relational mapping): Laravel gives the eloquent ORM which incorporates a basic PHP ActiveRecord implementation which gives the developer a chance to issue database queries with PHP syntax structure as opposed to composing SQL code. Each table in the database has a relating model through which the developer connects with said table. An ORM is generally quicker than all other PHP frameworks. 4. Libraries: It has Object Oriented libraries and numerous other pre-introduced libraries, which are not found in some other well known PHP frameworks. One of the pre - installed library is an authentication library. Despite the fact that it is anything but difficult to execute, it has numerous features such as Bcrypt hashing, checking active users, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, password reset, and encryption. 5. Modular: Laravel framework has an access to 20 unique libraries and is separated into singular modules. It receives current PHP standards, which enables developers to build modular, responsive and handy web applications. 6. MVC Architecture Support: Laravel follows MVC design pattern, guaranteeing clarity between logic and presentation. This architecture helps in enhancing the performance, permits better documentation, and has multiple built-in functions. 7. Unit-Testing: Many developers love Laravel because of the way it encourages Unit testing. It runs many tests to guarantee that new changes done by designers don't surprisingly break anything in the application. Laravel is by large considered to have probably the most stable releases in the business as it is cautious of the known failures. It additionally makes it simple to compose unit-tests for own code. 8. Security: While building up an application everybody needs to utilize a few or alternate ways to make the application secure. Laravel deals with security inside its framework. It utilizes salted and hashed password, which implies that the password could never been seen as the plain text in database. It utilizes Bcrypt hashing algorithm for creating encrypted portrayal of a password. Laravel utilizes prepared SQL statements which make injection attacks not penetrable. Alongside this, Laravel gives a straightforward method to escape user input to stay away from injection of tag.


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