Magento 2 was first released in 2015 and delivered the enhanced version of Magento 1 with much more features and capabilities. Some of users felt that Magento 1 suffice their needs but Magento team has great vision it will be successful version down the line as today’s world demands speed and amazing shoping experience across all devices.

Performance and Scalability Improvement

Magento 2 allows the merchant to use split out databases in order to process more requests. Traditional grouping it into one database on single server means requests during peak load time will be processed at slow pace. Multiple avenues for database support for products, order management can be created using Split Server.

Efficiency of backend operations are improved
It optimizes web pages for faster delivery
Improved database flexibility and scalability to handle loads at peak time
Server response time has been increased for all website activities

Due to above achievements Magento 2 is being able to

End to end Checkout times have become 51% faster
Process 39% or more orders in an hour
Load time is 30% to 50% faster then Magento 1
Catalog browsing delivery has been improved due instant server responses
Add to Cart server resonse time has been tuned to 66% faster

Using toolkit available in Magento 2 one can create performance test scripts for various purposes.

Full Page Caching

Full page caching means it pre-renders the pages into basic HTML. This reduces the load time from 5 to 8 seconds to just about 1 or 2 seconds. It reduces load on serverdramatically so one can save big bucks on server infrastructure. It will result in faster page load time also makes user experience easy, thereby resulting in higher conversion rates. As conversion rates are key signal factor used by Google to rank websites, your website is bound to rank higher.

Good Admin Interface

The new interface is designed to help reduce the time in managing an online store. It’s easier to learn for new team members to learn and user-friendly too. Admin are able to customize the admin panel so important business information can be accessed quickly. It is useful for managing products, customer data and orders. It includes drag and drop layout editing. So you don’t need extensive coding expertise to modify an online store’s appearance. One can create a beautiful store in half the time.

New Mobile Responsive Design

Internet has changed the way information is been accessed. A decade ago you can only browse on your computer. Today one can browse on mobile devices like tablets, laptops, mobile smart phones, smart watches. Fact of the matter is 80% of the users use their smart mobile phones to access internet. People buy more smart mobile phones then ever before. Magento 2 vesion is mobile responsive meaning they are compatible to various screen sizes and resolutions. One can also create mobile friendly app which will increase your conversion rate and make your business grow in no time.

Key Integrations

Magento 2 extensions include payment gateway like Paypal, Braintree etc. There are different payment extensions such as

Elavon payment extension
Converge payment extension
Realex payment extension

Attracting Customer and loyalty program extensions such as:

Upsell and Cross-Sell popups
Free gifts and coupons
Gift card extensions

Simple Check-out Process

It is now easier for customers to go from cart to order completion page. It’s highly customizable and requires less time to complete the whole process, thereby increasing conversions. Customer is brought to guest checkout screen where they enter an email address. If this matches existing customer, they are given option to do faster checkout with saved information. Guests can create an account in one click from the order completion page.