WOW Laundry App


WOW Laundry provides a premium app and web-based laundry, ironing and dry cleaning pickup and delivery service. It is an easy, convenient, time saving and affordable way to take care of all your laundry and dry cleaning tasks.


WOW Laundry Admin Page

Generate orders and maintain different order status.

Generate promotional offers and schemes from Admin panel

Detailed reporting system with daily, monthly and annual reports

Delivery boy tracking system

Order capping logic for different regions in the city

Create packages for customers

Schedule a wash on available time slots

Check order history and status

WOW Laundry Customer Page

Purchase packages and earn benefits

Refer friends and get WOW Cash

Check Daily pickup and delivery

Take order from the application at the time of pickup

WOW Laundry Delivery Boy Page

Deliver the clothes,take customer signature on the app and mark order as delivered

Check history of Pickup/Delivery done

WOW Laundry App Challenges

Integrating a smooth order system in the Admin panel

Developing a pricing logic for different order types and delivery types

Restricting the orders based on availability of staff in particular area

Order tracking at each stage and transparency with the customers


We developed the order module in such a way that it can you used to track and manage all the details related to the order, which required a lot of brainstorming and technical expertise

Based on the different type of clothes, washing types, delivery types and add-ons a robust logic was developed and integrated which was not complicated for customers to analyze

Based on the challenges which were faced during operations an intelligent system was developed to limit the number of orders based on availability of delivery staff in particular area

It was very important to track the status of order at each stage and to maintain transparency with the customers. This was handled through different application for user, delivery staff, in-house staff and Admin Panel

WOW Laundry App Solutions